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A Message from the President of Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Dr. Amy Morrison Goings, LWTech President
Each year, thousands of students come to Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech), ready to start the next chapter in their lives at the only public institute of technology in Washington state. Some are going into college straight from high school, while others are returning to college after time away to work, raise a family, or serve in our military.
This past year, we have seen an increased student persistence rate, all while being met head-on with an ongoing decline in state funding for our community and technical colleges. Funding for our state colleges is 47.8 percent lower than the pre-recession budget in 2007. Although this made it challenging from an operations standpoint, we were still able to accomplish many great things on our campuses this year due to our dedicated faculty and staff.
On our Kirkland campus, we began making plans to open a Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success in the fall of 2016, which is funded by a grant from the Department of Education. We also started our first year of planning for the new Photonics Technology certificate, which is funded through a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. Finally, we put plans in place to create and launch the Design, Innovation, Research, and Technology (DIRT) lab, which will establish a maker space for students in Engineering Graphics to collaborate in a hands-on lab.
The future is bright at LWTech, and can be even brighter with your support. I invite you to get involved with our faculty, staff, and programs. Whether it’s by donating to our Foundation to provide student scholarships, advocating on behalf of our college, offering internship opportunities, or volunteering for our advisory committees, your support is greatly appreciated, and will make a difference in the lives of so many.
With appreciation,
There is a common thread that leads them here – the desire to learn more, do more, and reach their goals. Our students come to LWTech because they are ready to make a change in their lives.
Over the past 60 years, LWTech has been helping students get to the next level in their careers by providing hands-on, workforce-ready, and innovative learning to students of all ages. We’ve done this by remaining affordable and by providing programs that transfer. LWTech is 33-percent less expensive than the flagship university (for full-time students,
12 credits, living with a parent). All of our associate degree programs have public articulation and transfer opportunities to other state colleges and universities.
Our hands-on approach to applied learning prepares our students for today’s careers and tomorrow’s opportunities. We offer three bachelor’s degrees (Public Health; Applied Design Technology; and Transportation, Logistics and
Supply Chain Management), 38 associate degrees, and 80 professional certificates in 39 areas of study.

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