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Dr. Morrison Goings was a panelist at the League of Education Voters annual breakfast where she spoke about the skills gap and how the underfunding of state, community, and technical colleges is a direct correlation to that gap.
We Engaged with Community and
Business Leaders
Some engagement highlights in 2015-16 included attendance at Washington State Association of College Trustees Meetings, Workforce Training Customer Advisory Committee, Postsecondary Success Strategy team of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the American Association of Community Colleges annual meeting in Chicago.
Dr. Morrison Goings currently serves on the Seattle Goodwill Board of Directors and the OneRedmond Board. She’s also an influential steering committee member through Leadership Eastside’s 2016 Innovation Summit for the Eastside Civic Incubator.
We Hosted Leaders in Higher Education, Architecture, and the Community
Several times per year, community groups and organizations hold meetings on our Kirkland campus. Not only does this bring awareness to the community regarding our college and programs, it builds a bridge
to industry leaders. The college hosted several business meetings, including the Washington Association of Community and Technical Colleges Presidents Meeting, which included presidents from 33 other community and technical colleges in Washington state.
High School counselors are the key to connecting
local students with LWTech’s High School and college programs. In January, we welcomed more than 35 Lake
Washington School District counselors for a district- wide strategic meeting.
In February, the Washington State Board for Architects held its regular public meeting on our Kirkland
campus for the first time. This created an opportunity
for students to participate in a Q&A with successful, knowledgeable architects. The board members engaged with our students, toured the campus, and praised our Architectural Technology program.
Our talented culinary and baking students, under the direction of instructional faculty, prepared a delicious buffet for the third year in a row for the Greater Kirkland Area Chamber of Commerce’s Monthly Business Networking Luncheon on our Kirkland campus at Chef City Grill. This influential group got to experience, see, and taste our Culinary and Baking programs in action.
We Welcomed International Delegations
and Programs
The world is more interconnected than ever due to advances in technology. Collaborating with schools around the world and continuing to work on global competency for our programs led us to welcoming these three International program groups to the Kirkland campus from Japan and China: Tongling No. 1 Senior High School student group, Changzhou Institute of Mechatronic Technology, and Kanagawa Institute of Technology for Multimedia Design & Production.

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