Students Right To Know

In accordance with federal regulations, Lake Washington Institute of Technology is reporting completion and graduation rates for a select group of students who entered the college in fall 1998. The study identifies the percentages who had completed their programs or transferred by spring, 2001.

The study group, as specified by federal law, includes only students who were:

  • Enrolled in credit classes full-time
  • Entering any college for the first time, and
  • Seeking a degree or certificate or planned to transfer to a four-year college or university.

Percentage of total fall 1998 enrollment: 3.3%

Study group results:

  • Completion rate as of spring 2001: 66.7%
  • Still enrolled: 30.4%
  • Left in good standing (but didn't complete or transfer): N/A
  • Other: N/A

These rates do not represent the success rates for the other 96.7% of students who attended Lake Washington Institute of Technology in fall 1998. They don't include any of the students who attended part time that fall, who enrolled full time but had previous college experience, or who took only a course or two to improve job or academic skills.

These rates don't take into account students who started full time, but later enrolled part time because of work or family commitments. They don't recognize that many technical college students may take a quarter or more off from school because of other demands. They also don't take into account the students who have completed programs or transferred since spring, 2002.