New Faculty

Welcome to Teaching at LWTech

We are so pleased to welcome you to the LWTech teaching community. Below you will find many resources to support you as you start teaching with us.

LWTech New Faculty (Part and Full-time) Orientation Dates

By invitation through LWTech email. Location will be sent after RSVP. Inquiries to Corrine Ash, Human Resources Generalist.

Teaching @ LWTech Course (Part and Full-time)

All part-time and full-time faculty are required to participate in an online asynchronous course over the first quarter of teaching. A stipend is paid upon completion. Even if you have taught before, this course provides you with LWTech specific teaching practices and resources.

By invitation. Inquiries to Rhonda DeWitt, Manager of Engagement and Learning.

New Faculty Checklist focuses on the logistical items to complete before your first day of teaching, such as paperwork, who to contact, office keys, acquiring your employee ID card, printing/copying, and more.

If you need help getting started with Canvas, contact the eLearning department to make an appointment.

If you are looking for a robust (3-weeks, asynchronous, approx. 20 hours) Canvas training, visit our system's  Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) training registration page.

You will be invited through LWTech email to participate in a required online course for new LWTech faculty. The course runs for a quarter, and helps guide you through teaching tasks such as getting your syllabus ready and posted, creating lesson plans, tips on connecting with students, classroom management, and teaching strategies. It is also a way for you to connect with and discuss teaching practices with other LWTech faculty. Part-time and Full-time faculty are paid a stipend upon completion.

Inquiries to Rhonda DeWitt, Manager of Engagement and Learning.

A sub-committe of the Instructional Council is working to  create a more robust faculty specific handbook that will have information on LWTech policies and procedures as related to teaching, and also information such as.

  • Accessing LWTech email
  • Creating a syllabus
  • Getting class roster(s)
  • Writing a lesson plan
  • Finding out your assigned room(s)
  • Campus maps and driving directions
  • Getting classroom keys
  • Canvas log in (course management system)

As you prepare for class, check out the Academic Calendar to plan around any holidays, advising, and inservice days. Class session days are  in green.

As part of the faculty bargained agreement, faculty will have one half of 1% set aside from each yearโ€™s operating budget at Lake Washington Institute of Technology for professional development.

What can this funding be used for?

Funds may be requested for research, conferences, classes, degrees, and other professional development opportunities that align with the collegeโ€™s core themes and mission. The professional development opportunity should end with a product that will be shared in some way to bring benefit to the college. This might be in the form of a published paper, presentation given to a group or committee, report, etc. You may be awarded partial funding at the discretion of the committee.

Note: for tuition towards higher education, e.g. a doctorate, you may request and be granted up to $3,000. The fund does not pay for certification or licensing that is necessary for you to have in order to teach your classes. Those are paid for out of division money.

Who can apply for funding?

In order to be eligible to request funds, the faculty must be either full-time, or part-time faculty who have taught an average of 30 credits a year for the past 2 years. Please note that special consideration may be taken for faculty who do not qualify, but are close to qualifying, at the discretion of the Faculty Professional Development Committee.

How much funding can I apply for?

Requests may be made for up to $3,000 (this amount must include pay for a substitute instructor, if needed, to cover missed classes, however, priority will be given to applications under $1,500 to help ensure that more faculty are served). Under ordinary circumstances, funding will not be available to more than three persons to attend the same event.

How often can I apply for funding?

Faculty may not apply for funds more frequently than once every other year.

What is the application deadline?

Applications must be received no later than the 6th week of the quarter to request funding for the following quarter. Project funds are limited and will be allocated as worthy requests are received, so it is recommended that faculty submit their applications by the earliest possible deadline.

To find out more or to apply, visit the Faculty Professional Development Funds Application.