Degrees and Curriculum

The following degrees and certificates are offered as part of the Applied Management - Entrepreneurship program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech).

2020 Fall Schedule

All classes will be online during fall quarter

Section Code Meaning
L1-L10 Online (This course is offered asynchronous, fully online with no scheduled class sessions.)
R1-R22 Remote (This course is offered synchronous, fully online with scheduled class sessions.
See entry in class schedule for days and times of required, online class sessions.)
ITEM Dept CRS# SEC Class Name Instructor CR Start End Day Classroom
3505 BUS& 101 L1 Introduction to Business Benner M 5.0 ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
3510 BUS& 201 L1 Business Law Benner M 5.0 ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
3515 BUS 300 L1 Entrepreneurial Action Benner M 5.0 ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
3520 BUS 310 L1 Marketing Management Benner M 5.0 ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
5415 ECON& 201 L1 Micro  Economics Lothyan K 5.0 ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
5420 ECON& 202 L1 Micro  Economics Benner M 5.0 ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
5425 ECON 310 R21 Business Economics Daniels E 5.0 06:00P  08:50P  ONLINE
2020 Fall Quarter Applied Management-Entrepreneurship course schedule

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