Degrees & Curriculum

The following degrees and certificates are offered as part of the Business Technology program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech). 

2021 Winter Schedule

All classes will be online during winter 2021 

Section Code Meaning
L1-L10 Online (This course is offered fully online with no scheduled class sessions (asynchronous).
R1-R22 Remote (This course is offered fully online with scheduled class sessions (synchronous). See entry in class schedule for days and times of required, online class sessions).
2021 Winter Quarter Business Technology  Course Schedule
 3020 BTE 101 L1 Computer Applications Saunders S 2.0  ARR  ARR ARR ONLINE
 *3030 BTE 105 L1 Keyboarding I Anderson B 3.0   ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
 *3040 BTE 106 L1 Keyboarding II Anderson B 3.0   ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
 *3050 BTE 107 L1 Keyboarding lll Anderson B 3.0   ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
3060 BTE 111 L1 Word l Wacker Z 5.0   ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
3065 BTE 112 L1 Excel l Saunders S 5.0   ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
3075 BTE 120 L1 Business Computer Mgmt Anderson B 3.0   ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
3080 BTE 124 L1 Powerpoint Anderson B 4.0   ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
3085 BTE 135 L1 Outlook Wacker Z 4.0   ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
3090 BTE 191 L1 Customer Svc/Help Desk Keigley M 3.0   ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
3095 BTE 195 L1 Capstone Project Barnes L 3.0  ARR ARR   ARR ONLINE
3100 BTE 198 L1 Job Search Skills Anderson B 2.0   ARR ARR   ARR ONLINE
3103 BTE 211 L1 Word II Barnes L 5.0   ARR  ARR ARR  ONLINE
3105 BTE 212 L1 Excell II Barnes L 5.0 ARR ARR ARR ONLINE

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