Dental Hygiene


LWTech's Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene degree prepares students to enter the healthcare workforce as Dental Hygienists who are competent in the provision of safe, ethical and effective dental hygiene care. The program aims to provide students with high quality didactic and clinical education in the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective skills of Dental Hygiene as well as the promotion of life-long learning.

Dental Hygiene Program Philosophy

The Lake Washington Institute of Technology Dental Hygiene program believes the function of the Dental Hygienist is to provide safe and effective Dental Hygiene care to help people retain and improve their oral health for greater quality of life. It is the philosophy of the Dental Hygiene program at LWTech to foster the acquisition of Dental Hygiene skills in a safe learning environment that supports communication, collaboration, and critical thinking, and to promote culturally sensitive, ethical, and compassionate care in the dental workplace.

Clinical experience is provided at the Lake Washington Institute of Technology Dental Clinic under the supervision of licensed dentists and licensed dental hygienists. Additional clinical experience occurs in a variety of off-campus settings located in the greater Seattle area.

This program has received accreditation status from the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) which allows students, upon graduation, to take the National Board Examination and the clinical licensing examination in the state where she or he plans to practice.

Admission Requirements

Prospective students to the Dental Hygiene Program are selected on a competitive basis. This Selective Admission program has additional application and qualification requirements with application deadlines unique to the program. (Students needing to take prerequisites can take those under the Health Sciences program. Health Sciences isn't Selective Admission.)

Bachelor of Applied Science Degree


Students interested in pursuing pre-requisites to the Dental Hygiene program are highly encouraged to schedule a one-on-one advising appointment with a Student Success Navigator. Please review the Additional Application Information (above) before attending a meeting and come prepared with any transcripts or placement scores for planning purposes. To make an appointment, call (425) 739-8300. 

Visit the Academic Advising page for more information.

To be eligible for employment, graduates must also take and pass the National Board Examination and the Washington clinical licensing examination.