Degrees & Curriculum

The following degrees and certificates are offered as part of the Dental Hygiene program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech). 


The curriculum consists of seven quarters, including a six-week summer quarter of full-time professional and clinical education preceded by 57 credits of prerequisite courses. The prerequisite science courses must be at least ten years current upon program entry; be measured by a proficiency examination; or be waived by special petition to the Dental Hygiene Director. The dental hygiene courses must be taken successively. Any developmental coursework a student may be required to complete may increase the program length.

The Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene program prepares students to enter the healthcare workforce as Dental Hygienists. The program provides students with high quality didactic and clinical education in the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective skills of Dental Hygiene as well as the promotion of life-long learning.

Bachelor's Degree Completion

Students with an AS/AAS/AAS-T in Dental Hygiene may earn an Applied Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene from Lake Washington Institute of Technology or Eastern Washington University. The classes are online and this is an innovative and new way for graduates of the Dental Hygiene program to earn an Applied Bachelor's degree while working part or full time as clinical dental hygienists.

A minimum of 61 upper-division credits is required beyond the associate degree, and 45 of these credits must be earned from Eastern Washington University. The Eastern Washington Degree Completion Program typically takes two years; however, graduates can choose to finish it in one year.