Program FAQs

Application Frequently Asked Questions

How to do get a Student ID# for my application?

Go to and apply for general admission to the college (this is different than admission to Dental Hygiene). We will email you a Student ID (SID) number in 2-3 business days. It is free to get your SID. 

Is advising mandatory before I submit my Dental Hygiene application?

No. If you have taken all the prerequisites, just fill out the online application and submit it in by the deadline. If you do not “submit” your application, it will be considered incomplete. Advising is available if you have questions about your prerequisites or the admission process.

I submitted my application for admission today and got a Student ID#, but my student email has not been created yet. I am not sure if it will be my name or not because I have a common name (Jeff Smith), so what can I put in the email field?

Email addresses are usually in the format, but if you have a common name it may different; we encourage you to check with Enrollment Services at (425) 739-8100.

How late can I submit my application? When will the application close?

The application will close on the published deadline no earlier than 10 p.m. 

How many times may I apply to the Dental Hygiene program?

As many times as you want.

I did not get in. Why not?

Please email if you have questions about why you did not get in. Admission staff can review your points to see if there may be an area where you can improve your score. On average we receive 100 applications and only have space for 30 students. So, unfortunately, you can be a great candidate, but still not get in.

If I get in, what will my schedule be like?  

It will be a mix of morning and afternoon hours. This is considered a full-time program and you may find it difficult to work while enrolled in the program. 

Do Dental Hygiene students attend classes in the summer?


What happens if my recommender has not submitted the recommendation?

Please email Selective Admissions and let us know the status of your recommendations. Not following recommendation instructions will cause your application to be considered incomplete.

Is there a waitlist if I do not get in? If someone who is accepted decides not to attend will I have a chance to get in?

There is not a waitlist. If you don’t get in, you may try again the following year, but you must resubmit the online application again. Please check for any updates on the Dental Hygiene web page. In the rare situation when an accepted student decides not to attend, we will contact the applicant with the next highest points to offer them a space in the program.

Test Of Essential Academic Skills(TEAS) Exam Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive is the TEAS test?

$90 if you take it at LWTech

How do I schedule my TEAS test?

Go to Assessment Center web page and sign up.

Can I take my TEAS test at another college?

Yes, you can take it at other colleges/testing centers that offer it; they may charge a similar amount for the test or more. You will also need to pay a fee (approximately $27) to have the results transferred to LWTech so we can see them. Go to the ATI site and order your TEAS transcript so it will be sent to LWTech.   

How do I study for the TEAS test?

You can find general study guides online or at the LWTech Bookstore.

How long my TEAS are valid?

The TEAS score is valid for two years at LWTech.

When can I retake my TEAS?

You can retake the TEAS 30 days after you took it for the first time. If you want to take the test a third time you must wait 365 days.

Which version of the TEAS is required?

Version 6.

Which option shall I choose when I am taking the TEAS test?

“Lake WA Institute of Technology TEAS Applicants” is the correct option. 

Transcripts Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make sure my official transcripts sent by my former colleges arrive in time if they are being sent directly from the former colleges to LWTech?

Contact to check with Enrollment Services to make sure your transcripts have arrived. You can call at (425) 739-8100.

Can I transfer classes from a college or university to LWTech?

We accept transfer classes from regionally accredited Institutions within the United States or from institutions outside of the U.S. if you have international transcripts translated and assessed by an international credential evaluation agency.  

Can I send my transcript electronically?

Yes. Please have that college send your official e-transcript to

I took prerequisite classes at another college, but the name and number is slightly different than the prerequisites listed at LWTech. Can you give me an equivalency chart?

We don’t have an equivalency chart. Email or call (425) 739-8300 to make an Advising appointment so you can have them review your transcripts for equivalencies. Another option is to have your former college send us official transcripts and run Degree Audit 2-4 weeks later to check what classes transferred. If you disagree with the assessment of your transcript or have a question, please email

I took English 101 (or another prerequisite class) twice in order to get a better grade. Which grade will you take? How will you know which one to take? Will you split the difference? Do I lose points for taking a class twice?

We will take the higher grade.

Will you email me at my personal email and my LWTech email if I am accepted?

Yes, if you supplied both, we will email you at both addresses.

My prerequisite grades will not be available by the deadline to apply, but they will be available a few days after. How late can I turn those in and still be considered? Can I turn in unofficial transcripts in that case, and then supply official ones a few days late?

You can submit your application first and send your transcript as soon as possible afterward. Selective Admissions will evaluate what you have, but they will not call you or follow up with you about your transcript. If the transcript does not arrive at the time we are sending out results, your application will be considered incomplete so please stay in contact with the office.

If I took pre-requisites at three different colleges, do I have to send all the transcripts from those colleges, or will the last college I attended send all transcripts since I had my first two college transcripts sent to them?

You must contact each separate college and request the official transcripts. Do not rely on one college to send them all. They only send the transcript from that individual college.

How long my science classes are valid?

Biology and Chemistry are valid for 10 years. No other classes have time limits.

Contact Information Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question about the BAS in Dental Hygiene program and I already read the information on the Dental Hygiene web pages. Who should I contact?

Admission Coach

How to get a Student ID#, Student Email, and general information about the college: email


Specific questions about the BAS in Dental Hygiene program, class equivalencies, official and unofficial transcript reviews, and taking prerequisites: (425) 739-8300 or email (You will need a Student ID number. If you do not have one, go to to enroll.)

Selective Admission Program Assistant

For specific questions about the Dental Hygiene application itself, the results, and questions about re-applying for the program: email  

Selection Criteria Frequently Asked Questions

What is the selection criteria?

75 total points possible and for the top 75 selected applicants 25 additional points for the essay.

What courses are required to apply and what is the minimum grade?

You need to meet or exceed a 2.5/B- in the following prerequisite courses prior to applying:

  • BIOL&241
  • BIOL&242
  • CHEM&121 with lab
  • CHEM&131 with lab
  • BIOL&260
  • ENGL&101 or ENGL& 102

Optional: You can delay one prerequisite science course but you must be completed by the end of spring quarter with a grade 2.5 or B- as minimum.

If course is not complete at time of application, it will be listed as a “0” for grade points and credits earned in the admission processing calculation. This has a neutral impact on your prerequisite cumulative GPA. It does not penalize you, but it does not help you earn grade points you could use to offset lower grades in other prerequisite courses.

Can I still apply if I haven’t finished all courses?

Yes! Courses not required for admission:

  • Meet or exceed a 2.5/B- in the following courses by end of spring quarter preceding start of Dental Hygiene program:
  • NUTR&101
  • PSYC&100 or 200
  • CMST&210 or 220, SOC&101
  • Math& 146
  • CMST 150 or Hum 215
  • ENGL& 102 (Not tabulated in cumulative GPA).

What documents do I need to submit?

Please submit the following documents:

  • Recommendation forms: no points
  • Chairside dental assisting experience verification (optional; up to 1000 hours): 5 pts
  • Registered Dental Hygienist Observations (observe two different Dental Hygienists in two separate clinics; split the total 20 hours as evenly as possible.) 

Do I need to be vaccinated before applying?

Yes. Submit two copies of the Hepatitis B vaccination series; complete the first 2 of 3 (one month apart) by the application deadline. If you get selected, the third must be completed six months later. Or submit a current titer from a doctor or clinic. If you have questions about your results, please contact the clinic where you have taken the vaccinations.

Where do I send my official transcripts?

If your transcripts are coming electronically, please have the college send your official e-transcript to If you want to send us a hard copy, have the college send your official transcript to Lake Washington Institute of Technology at:

Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Attn: Selective Admissions (W201)
11605 132nd Avenue NE
Kirkland, WA 98034 

How I determine if any of my previous courses may be equivalent to the HUM 215 or CMST 150 (Diversity and Social Justice in America or Intercultural Communication) prerequisite.

The Dental Hygiene program is looking for a Humanities class with diversity content. If your class does not obviously fall under an intercultural or multicultural course title, you can check if you have done any of the classes below or send an email to Selective Admissions at

These courses can fulfill the diversity requirement:

  • Language and Gender: Introduction to Gender and Stereotypes
  • Women and Power in Ancient World
  • Introduction to Ethnic Studies
  • Race, Ethnicity, Identity in Greco-Roman World
  • Introduction to American Cultures
  • African Studies
  • Chicana/Chicano Literature
  • Cultures of Middle Age
  • History of Religion in U.S.
  • Comparing Global Cultures
  • Society and the Arts
  • Media Matters: Race, Class and Gender
  • Native American Studies
  • Language, Culture and Power: The Politics of Language
  • Women Writers