Degrees & Curriculum

The following degrees and certificates are offered as part of the Design program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech). 

Design, BAS

The Bachelor of Technology in Applied Design program at LWTech is similar to a Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Science degree program as far as academic rigor, course content and credit load; however, it focuses on preparing students for technical career paths.

Degree Requirements

BAS: 30 credits

  • ENGL – 5 credits – ENGL 102, 235 or other approved college writing course
  • Comm – 5 Credits – CMST 302
  • Math – 5 credits – MATH 335, Computational Design
  • Social Science – 5 credits – any 100 level or above (prefer 200 or above level)
  • Lab Science – 5 credits – STEC 351
  • Humanities – 5 credits –100 level or above, 200 or above preferred (drawing, ideation or history preferred)

Refer to the College Catalog for full list of requirements

Design, AAS-T

Evening Hybrid Program

The hybrid program in Design is a flexible evening program for students who are pursuing their AAS-T degree while continuing to work during the day. The "hybrid" format simply means part of the course is face-to-face, and part of it is online, decreasing commute time and increasing convenience for students' busy schedules. 

Design Portfolio Presentations

LWTech Design Program Portofolio DefensesStudents completing the Design AAS-T degree participate in the quarterly Portfolio Defenses, an event that culminates the end of the Portfolio /Job Search class, DSGN 290. At this free public event, students showcase a few of their best portfolio pieces to a panel of industry professionals. Past panelists have ranged from art directors and creative directors from Bungie, Bullseye Creative and 5th Cell to seasoned freelance designers and illustrators. Panelists' expertise include in design, user-centered-design, user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design, graphic design, digital publishing, website design, mobile/responsive design and more! They lend their expert eye to student work and give constructive criticism on each student’s presentation skills, quality of selected pieces, and suggestions for improving their competitive edge. This event is widely anticipated by the entire LWTech Design department as a learning experience for those presenting, as well as for audience members preparing portfolios for employment in design related industry.

Degree Requirements

AAS-T: 101 credits (includes 30 core credits)

  • English Composition – 5 credits
  • Math – 5 credits (Math 107)
  • Social Science – 5 credits
  • Humanities – 10 credits
  • Science – 5 credits

Refer to the College Catalog for full list of requirements.