Internship Opportunities

MMDP 297, the Multimedia Internship class, allows students to receive academic credit for hours worked at a college-approved internship. Students expand their learning outside the classroom through internship or work experiences in the multimedia industry. Students work with a designated faculty member and internship site supervisor to formalize the academic component of the experience by setting learning objectives, customizing resumes, maintaining timesheets and writing self-evaluations. MMDP 297 can count as elective credits towards the AAS-T degree.

"I have gained valuable experience using the Adobe Creative Suite software, and feel confident in my abilities to create a myriad of designs/layouts while adhering to customer demands and timelines." - MMDP Student Intern, 2012

"My internship gave me the opportunity to get real-world experience and challenged me to find where my strengths and interests really are. It also helped me gauge areas that I can improve, and helped prepare me for explaining my ideas at Portfolio Defenses. It is truly an invaluable opportunity and looks great on a resume!." - MMDP Student Intern, 2012

"Having an internship has really helped me get real world experience....most employers want to see experience coupled with education, and it's kind of hard to get the work experience while in school. However, by having this internship, I have been able to do both." - MMDP Student Intern, 2012