Scholarship Opportunities

Early Achievers Grant

The Early Achievers Grant is a state supported program made available through the Department of Children, Youth, and Families. The Early Achievers Grant provides funding for tuition, books, and student support services to help you earn stackable certificates, leading to an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Washington State resident 
  • Employed at a participating Early Achievers program for a minimum of 3 months 
  • Work a minimum of 10 hours a week 
  • Role of FCC Owner/Licensee, Center Director, Assistant Director, Program Supervisor, Lead Teacher, or Assistant Teacher. 

If you meet these requirements, please contact: 


Workforce Development

  • At LWTech we offer several federal and state funded programs through Workforce Development (WFD). The programs may provide assistance with tuition, books, advising, and individualized support services. Students must qualify for the programs to receive benefits.