Scholarship Opportunities

Early Achievers Grant Scholarships for Early Childhood Education Students

The Early Achievers Grant is a state supported program made available through Washingtonโ€™s Department of Early Learning. The Early Achievers Grant provides funding (tuition, books, and student support services) to help you earn stackable certificates, leading to an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education.

By providing scholarship funds, the Early Achievers Grant gives you a career boost as a childcare professional, and advances you on the Washington State Early Learning Career Lattice.

ECE programs of study allow you to go at your own pace, and offer a variety of options for learning, including:

  • Online Learning
  • Face to Face in a Classroom Setting
  • Daytime, Evening and Weekend Offerings

Your experience working with children will be valued, and assignments can often be completed on the job.

With the Early Achievers Grant you can further your career development while expanding your knowledge and skillset in early childhood education.


Early Achievers Grant Scholarship Flyer