Natural Science


The Natural Science Department at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) includes courses in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Nutrition, and Physics. These courses support college programs in the School of Health Sciences, and they form the foundation of all STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) majors. All courses in the sciences are linked by their reliance on the scientific method and the use of objective evidence developed from observation, experimentation, and research. Science courses are rigorous, but rewarding. As scientists in the College of Natural Sciences, University of Texas at Austin write, science students and faculty with them “spend hours puzzling through problems, knowing that beautiful solutions lie at the end of the intellectual journey. The discoveries that we make transform our view of ourselves and our place in the cosmos; they also have the potential to impact our world.”  

All LWTech students in transfer degree programs (AAS-T and DTA/MRP) are required to take at least one science class. In addition, several of LWTech’s specialized admissions programs, such as Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Physical Therapy Assistant, and Occupational Therapy Assistant require students to complete a specific list of science courses, with an emphasis on biology courses, such as cellular biology, anatomy, and physiology. The college’s new Biology Direct Transfer degree requires students to complete a foundation of 40 credits in math and science, with the completed degree leading to a bachelor’s degrees in Biology, Pre-Medicine, or related fields.

Careers in science-based STEM fields and in the health sciences are among the occupations most in demand. Because of this, the Science Department has been among the fastest-growing instructional departments on campus, assisting in the preparation of nurses, hygienists, engineers, and scientists who will be vital to our future workforce.

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