Social Science Department


The social science department is part of the Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) general education program, which helps students develop foundational skills. These skills prepare our students for success in technical programs and careers, cultivate critical thinking, and foster the values of life-long learning.

The social sciences are a group of academic disciplines that examine society and individuals. Social sciences provide an understanding of how the world works using social and behavioral explanations and focus on how people interact and develop as a culture. Social scientists use empirical research methods to investigate personal and interpersonal behavior.

In LWTech's social science classes, students can learn about their society, groups, and culture. They get the opportunity to think about individuals,  the way they think, feel, and behave. Students can also learn about different cultures and develop a multicultural awareness. LWTech students who complete required courses in the Social Science distribution area will be able to explain at least one social science theory, describe methods used in social science research, analyze social issues and problems in the context of social science, and articulate the importance and influence of diversity within and among cultures and societies.

We offer a variety of social science classes, in different fields.


Psychology studies human behavior and mental processes. Courses in psychology include entry-level psychology, lifespan and abnormal psychology, psychology of organizations and psychology of creativity wellness. 

See descriptions of Psychology courses at LWTech in the college catalog.

Political Science

Political Science studies systems of government and analyze political activity and behavior. Courses in political science include American government.

See descriptions of Political Science courses at LWTech in the college catalog.


Sociology studies the social lives of people, groups, and societies. Courses in sociology include introduction to sociology, sociology of death and dying, and poverty in America.

See descriptions of Sociology courses at LWTech in the college catalog.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice studies law enforcement, criminology and the court system. An introductory course in criminal justice is offered at LWTech. 

See descriptions of Criminal Justice courses at LWTech in the college catalog.


Economics studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services in society. Courses in economics include business economics, micro economics, and macro economics. 

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An Online Publication Showcasing Student Work

The Social Science Department E-Portfolio showcases the knowledge, learning processes and critical thinking of LWTech's social science students. The portfolio is a collection of our studentsโ€™ assignments. We are currently accepting submissions from students that have previously taken social science courses and would like to showcase their work. To learn more, visit the Social Science Department E-Portfolio page.