Written Communication (English)


Written Communication courses at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) include pre-college courses (ENGL 93 and ENGL 99) and generally transferable, college-level courses (ENGL&101, ENGL&102, and ENGL&235). Completion of these courses helps LWTech students strengthen skills ranging from basic sentence structure to research and the academic essay. Students who complete English 101โ€”a college transferrable courseโ€”early in their college career acquire foundations necessary for college and career success:

  • How to comprehend, summarize, and analyze college-level writing
  • How to produce clear and effectively structured writing for a variety of audiences
  • How to conduct research and integrate sources using common documentation styles
  • How to apply critical thinking skills to writing

Other college instructors may assign research and writing assignments with the expectation that students have already taken English classes to learn these skills.

Curriculum and teaching style vary from instructor to instructor, but many classes give students opportunities to write about topics related to their technical programs or to personal interests. Our English Department classes emphasize writing as a process from initial idea to finished product. Students often get time during class to work on drafting papers or to share drafts with peers. As part of their writing process, students are strongly encouraged to work with tutors in the Learning Lab (East Building, E214) or Supplemental Instruction (Technology Center, T217).

See descriptions of Written Communication courses at LWTech in the college catalog.

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