Pacific NW College Credit

Pacific NW College Credit (formerly Tech Prep) enables students to earn college credit in high school courses that are formally aligned - articulated - with college courses. Teachers from high schools and colleges work together to ensure the high school classes match the course competencies of the college-level course. Most of the โ€˜Pacific NW College Credit' high school classes articulated are part of a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program and they connect with a professional/technical certificate or degree at the college. By participating in the program, students can begin to focus on building real-world skills and career knowledge that connects to high-demand, high-level professions, from marketing to health care to information technology. Pacific NW College Credit was formed in 1992 and includes nine school districts and four community/technical colleges.

How Can Tech Prep Help Me?

  • Provides accelerated path for motivated and self-directed students from high school through college, or through professional/technical training/certification.
  • Provides students with challenge, motivation, and connection to future possibilities and can help reduce high school disconnect/boredom.
  • Provides opportunity for high school students to satisfy foundation/Gen Ed/gateway post secondary courses in high school.
  • Strengthens students skills and competencies.
  • Provides students with opportunity to complete short-term technical certificates or degree in a compressed time frame and to boost their earning potential as they move into a career, or to broaden their options to continue their education while they work.
  • Students who chose to continue their education may take advantage of one of the many 2+2+2 articulated programs between two and four-year.
  • Eliminates the commute time, transportation and related costs for high school students to travel to their local community college for programs such as Running Start.
  • Allows students to remain with their cohort group in their high school.


High school students become eligible to earn community/technical college credit by:

  1. Registering for Dual Credit while they are enrolled in the high school class!
  2. Paying the non-refundable $46 Annual Consortium Fee
  3. Receiving a grade of "B" or higher in the class.

Please pay special attention to registration & payment deadlines! Students MUST register and pay while in class, before semester deadlines!

Transcripts are mailed directly from the awarding college to the student's home the summer after successful completion of the Tech Prep high school course(s).

The Pacific NW College Credit website has a list of classes are available for credit at your high school.

Participating Schools

*Lake Washington Institute of Technology also has Independent Pacific NW College Credit Articulations with two other schools, Marysville-Pilchuck High School and Sno-Isle Skills Center.

Pacific NW College Credit FAQs

What is Pacific NW College Credit?

Pacific NW College Credit allows you to earn high school and college credit at the same time (this is called Dual Credit) for successfully completing certain Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses at your high school. The courses are taught at the high school, but are considered part of a college degree or certificate program which aligns with a program of study at one or more of our four local community/technical colleges.

Which classes at my school are Pacific NW College Credit classes?

You can locate which classes are available at your high school by accessing the Students link and finding your high school chart. The career specialist at your high school can also assist you in determining what classes are available.

Is there an age requirement for when I can begin earning Tech Prep college credits?

Pacific NW College Credit classes are a part of your district's regular Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes. You are eligible to begin earning Pacific NW College Credit anytime between 9-12th grade when you are currently enrolled in an eligible CTE course.

How do I register for the first time?

First, go to Pacific NW College Credit and click the Register Now link at the top of the menu bar. This will allow you to register through their online system. Don't forget to pay your $46 consortium fee after you register for classes at Pacific NW College Credit.

I accidentally registered for the wrong class. How can I change it?

Please don't re-register! Call our office at (425) 564-6158 or email us and we can make the change for you.

Can I get credit for my class from multiple colleges at the same time?

No. When a Pacific NW College Credit class is available for credit at more than one college, you must choose which college you would like to receive credit from. You cannot receive credit for the same class at two colleges. 

I took Pacific NW College Credit classes last year but didn't register for credit. Can I register now to receive the credit?

No. You must register for the Pacific NW College Credit program during the same school year that you are enrolled in the qualifying class. Exceptions may apply for classes that are two (or more) semesters long.

Will my credits transfer to any college?

Credits will transfer within the Washington State community college system. Transferability of credit to four-year colleges depends on the receiving institution. Many students have had their credit accepted at other colleges in Washington and out of state; however, there is no guarantee that your credit will directly transfer. You may be able to use the credits as electives or to satisfy a prerequisite.

What is the difference between an "official" and an "unofficial" transcript?

An official transcript comes in a sealed envelope and is what you will send to the college that you decide to attend. Once the seal is broken, it becomes an unofficial transcript. An unofficial transcript is a copy of your transcript that you can keep for your own records.

How do I get a copy of my college transcript?

You need to contact the community/technical college that you applied to for the credit. You can request transcript information in several ways:

  1. The LWTech website
  2. Enrollment Services at (425) 739-8104
  3. In person at LWTech