Running Start


The Running Start program is one of many dual enrollment options available at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Students classified as high school juniors and seniors may apply. Eligible students may attend college full-time and/or take classes at the high school and the college. Students earn high school and college credit simultaneously for college level courses. Tuition is covered through Running Start, therefore Running Start saves money. In addition, Running Start students get started on college early, so they save time as they work towards their educational goals.

Information Sessions

For more information, register to attend an information session online or by calling (425) 739-8107. 

Steps to Enroll - 

Step 1

Fill Out the LWTech Online Admissions Application

  1. Go to
  2. Select Lake Washington Inst. of Tech
  3. Under "I will be enrolling as a...", select Running Start.
Step 2

Email Proof of Placement

  • Email document showing placement to
  • English 101 Placement Options

    English 101 Placement Options

    The following are options for providing your proof of English 101 placement:

    • LWTech English Placement test
    • OR high school transcript showing GPA and English grade, 3.0 or higher  
    • OR placement result from another college
    • OR English Smarter Balanced Assessment (gr 10) score: L3 or L4
    • OR transcript showing college English grade, 2.0 or higher 

Step 3

Get Enrolled!

If it is determined that you are eligible for the Running Start program, you will receive a link to complete the Running Start Agreement and additional forms to enroll.

Step 4

Meet With a Running Start Advisor

  • Make an appointment to meet with a Running Start advisor to select classes and register.
  • All documents must be filled out before the registration appointment.
  • The deadline to register is no later than one business day prior to the start date of each quarter.

What You Need to Know About Running Start


Eligible students are admitted Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Registration typically opens on Advising Day in the previous quarter. Please see the LWTech Academic Calendar for more information.   


Students must be enrolled in a public high school and must be in grade 11 or 12 at the beginning of the academic year. Private and home school students are eligible to participate but must register in a Washington state public school. Running Start students are not required to attend public school.

Benefits of Running Start at LWTech

  • LWTech offers free books for Running Start students enrolled in certain courses.
  • Running Start students at LWTech do not pay admissions, parking, or assessment fees. This is large savings compared to other colleges in the region.
  • Running Start students at LWTech may be eligible for a free ORCA card.
  • LWTech has small class sizes! Most classes are capped at 25 students.
  • All Running Start students at LWTech have an advisor to assist them in their transition to the college. Advisors can help students meet educational goals, choose courses, and create an academic plan for their time in Running Start.
  • Most academic classes at LWTech are transferable. We also offer many career and technical courses. 

For further information, register to attend an information session online or by calling (425) 739-8107.