Underage Enrollment

General Policy

Students must be 18 or have a high school diploma or GEDยฎ to enroll at LWTech.

  • Students who are high school juniors or seniors are referred to the Lake Washington Technical Academy or Running Start to explore eligibility through those programs.

Underage Procedure

If a student is not participating in these programs and wishes to register for a single course at the college, and this course is not specifically designed for a younger student, he/she may be considered for enrollment in this course in cases of exceptional circumstances. The student must not be eligible for general college admission, or be enrolled through other special entry programs.

  • Such students must be (1) at least 14 and (2) at least in the 9th grade at the time the course starts. (Courses that are specifically designed for underage students do not require an exception).
  • The applicant must be not eligible for college admission, or be enrolled through special entry programs (see above).
  • Regular tuition rates and fees apply.
  • Students much purchase required textbook and materials.

Approval is Granted on a "One-Time" Basis

Enrolling as an underage student on exception does not constitute admission to the college or a program of study, and does not assure future quarters' registration.

  • An application must be completed for each course, each quarter, until the student meets regular enrollment requirements.
  • Students must earn a minimum of 2.0 in any course taken via the underage enrollment option to be allowed to register as an underage student in any future quarter.
  • This does not constitute admission to the college

What the Underage Student Needs to Do

All steps of the process must be completed no later than one week prior to the start of the quarter. Additional tips for underage enrollment will be provided to the student upon registration.

  1. Fill Out the LWTech Online Admissions Application
    1. Go to LWTech.edu/Apply
    2. Select Lake Washington Inst. of Tech
    3. Under "I will be enrolling as a...", select FYR.

  2. Email Proof of Placement OR Take Placement Tests with High School Programs
    1. Email document (SBA scores, placement from other college, LWTech English/Math placement) showing placement to highschoolprograms@lwtech.edu
    2. Coordinate virtual testing with the High School programs by emailing highschoolprograms@lwtech.edu

  3. If student qualifies, an Underage Intake and Course Enrollment Form will be provided. Complete all sections of the form, including:
    1. A letter from the student explaining why the course cannot be taken in high school
    2. Obtain parent and school counselor signatures
      Please note: that school counselor permission is required so take care to complete this before the end of the school year, typically mid June in most school districts.
    3. The student must obtain permission from the instructor of the course. The Dean can assist with obtaining instructor signature.
      1. Course catalog: https://www.lwtech.edu/academics/class-schedule/ 
      2. Look up instructor contact information: https://www.lwtech.edu/about/directory/ 

  4. Return completed form to the High School Programs office where the Dean of High School Programs or the Vice President of Student Services will review and make final decision as to enrollment.

  5. Make a registration appointment with Dean of High School programs to complete the registration form by calling (425) 739-8107 or emailing highschoolprograms@lwtech.edu 

  6. Pay tuition and fees.

Special classes and programs specifically designed for students younger than 18 are exempt from the special enrollment policy for underage students. Students wishing to take a non-credit course should pick up an Underage Non-Credit Course Enrollment Form from Enrollment Services.

All the terms and conditions listed above reflect procedures that are subject to change. The college reserves the right to deny requests for exceptions to the standard enrollment policy and age requirements, and to require additional information.