I-BEST ENGL Learning Community

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  • Courses Offered: ENGL, CMST, SOC, PSYC
  • Start Dates: All Quarters, Daytime and Evening Options

What is an ENGL Learning Community?

ENGL Learning Communities are two or more linked courses. Instructors in multiple classes work together to share assignments and content. Learning Community students often complete ONE assignment for TWO classes for a reduced workload! 

ENGL Acceleration

ENGL Learning Community classes offer students the opportunity to complete multiple levels of ENGL in the same quarter. At the beginning of the quarter, ENGL instructors provide students with the course objectives for each ENGL level. Then, based on student performance, students can "skip" a level through acceleration, saving both time and money! For example, all ENGL Learning Communities include students who are registered for ENGL 93, ENGL 99, and ENGL& 101 in the same class. Students are given the course outcomes for all levels and are encouraged to improve their writing skills. Halfway through the quarter, students individually meet with their instructors to discuss their progress. If a student has met the outcomes for a higher level, the instructor updates their registration to the higher level. With the acceleration option in our ENGL Learning Communities, a student can complete their English requirements faster.

I-BEST Support Class 

I-BEST students in each ENGL Learning Community meet in a small group with their support instructor for an additional three hours per week. During support class, students practice new study skills and improve their reading/writing/listening/ and speaking skills. Support classes assist students with the skills they need to be successful. 

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Fall 2021 I-BEST ENGL Learning Community Course Options

How Will These Courses Be Taught?

  • Face-to-face: This course is a traditional classroom with an instructor and students in a college classroom at the same time. Face-to-face classes are located on the LWTech campus at 11605 132nd Avenue in Kirkland, WA. Students are required to be on-campus at the scheduled time for all scheduled class times.
  • Zoom: This course is an online classroom with an instructor and students in the same place, at the same time using Zoom. Student are required to be on Zoom and ready for class at all Zoom class times. Zoom online classes also use Canvas to share classroom materials and to turn in assignments.

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