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  • Courses Offered: General Education Requirements
  • Start Dates: All Quarters, Daytime and Evening Options

Academic I-BEST assists I-BEST-eligible students in completing many of their General Education requirements with extra support and assistance from the I-BEST model. General Education Requirements must be completed by all LWTech students to earn a Certificate of Proficiency or Associates degree. In addition, many General Education Requirements are pre-requisites to start programs such as Dental Assisting, Pre-Nursing, Applied Design, Engineering/Biology Transfer degrees, Computer Science, and many more. General Education coursework ensures that all LWTech graduates have solid foundational skills in English, humanities, math, science, and social science. These skills prepare students for success in technical programs and careers, cultivate critical thinking, and foster the values of life-long learning.

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Academic I-BEST 2021 Winter Quarter Course Offerings

Academic I-BEST 2020 Spring Quarter Course Offerings

Why Choose Academic I-BEST?

Academic I-BEST assists I-BEST-eligible students complete their General Education Requirements in less time, for less money, and with higher levels of success! Academic I-BEST students benefit from:

Academic I-BEST Learning Community 

Learning Communities are courses that are linked together. Instructors in two classes work together to share assignments and projects. Students often complete ONE assignment for requirements in TWO classes. For example, in the English and Humanities Learning Community, your Communications instructor may assign a research paper based on a classroom lecture. To complete the assignment, a student does research in the Communications class and improves their essay writing skills in the English class. The final essay is then turned-in to both the Communications and English instructor for grading.

Academic I-BEST Accelerated Learning 

Academic I-BEST classes allow students to complete multiple levels in the same quarter. At the beginning of the quarter, instructors provide students with the course objectives for each level. Then, based on student performance, students can "skip" a level, saving both time and money! For example, an Academic I-BEST English class may have students who are registered for ENGL 93, ENGL 99, and ENGL& 101 in the same classroom. Students in the class are given the course outcomes for all levels and can study hard to improve their writing skills. Halfway through the quarter, all students meet with their English instructor to discuss their progress. If the student has met the outcomes for a higher level, the instructor re-registers the student for the higher level. If a student was originally registered for ENGL 93, they would be re-registered for ENGL 099 and the next quarter they could take ENGL& 101. These courses would usually take 3 quarters, but with acceleration, a student can complete their English requirements in only two.

Academic I-BEST Support Class 

All I-BEST classes have support classes which are taught by ESL/ABE instructors. I-BEST students meet in a small group with their support instructor for an additional three hours per week. During support class, students practice new study skills, keep up-to-date in their classes, and improve their reading/writing/listening/speaking skills. Support classes assist students with the skills they need in order to be successful. For example, if one I-BEST student needs to improve their essay writing skills and another I-BEST student needs to improve their oral presentation skills, each student will receive assistance for their specific academic needs.

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