Computer Security and Network Technology, I-BEST

LWTech Accounting Assistant I-BEST programCertificate Information and Schedule

  • Certificate Length: 4 Quarters 
  • Credits: 63 
  • Start Dates: Fall Quarter (Evening)

The I-BEST IT Support Technician prepares technicians for work in a wide variety of computer-related industries with a strong emphasis on A+ Certification and Open Source Operating Systems. Upon successful completion of the I-BEST certificate, students will be prepared to continue their Computer Security and Network Technology education at the Associate's degree level. Earning the I-BEST IT Support Technician certificate, students can apply for entry-level jobs such as computer field service technicians, software technicians, computer operators, installers, troubleshooters, technical salespersons, help desk support, and network technicians.

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I-BEST IT Support Technician Course Sequence

Quarter One: Fall

  • CSNT 115 A+ Software Essentials 6 credits
  • CSNT 116 A+ Hardware 6 credits
  • ABED 083 Communication Skills IT Applications I 3 credits

Quarter Two: Winter

  • CSNT 124 Open Source Operating Systems 6 credits
  • CSNT 125 Shells and Scripts 6 credits
  • ABED 084 Basic Skills IT Applications II 3 credits

Quarter Three: Spring

  • CSNT 231 Network Fundamentals I 6 credits
  • CSNT 232 Network Fundamentals II 6 credits
  • ABED 085 Communication Skills IT Applications III 3 credits

Quarter Four: Summer

  • ENGL 093 Beginning English (or any Written Communication course) I 5 credits
  • PSYC&100 General Psychology (or any Social Science Course) 5 credits
  • ABED 080 Communication Skills IT Applications III 3 credits
  • MATH 098 Essentials of Intermediate Algebra (or any higher level Quantitative Reasoning course) 5 credits

2020-2021 Catalog Course Descriptions

Employment and Wages

What does a Computer Security and Network Technology career look like in the United States? 

The U.S. Department of Labor has occupational profiles for several careers in Computer Security and Network Technology including information about projected employment, typical wages, and career growth at CareerOneStop. Some careers include:

Current Job Openings in Washington

Explore current, local job postings for Computer Security and Network Technology careers on these popular job search websites:

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