Learning Communities

What is a Learning Community (LC)?

Learning communities are two classes working together as one. Two instructors plan together to contextualize content and share assignments, so student workload is reduced in completing general education requirements.

What is LC ENGL?

LC ENGL is a Learning Community English class which includes ENGL 093, 099, and ENGL&101 in one class together. Students register at their current English placement and get access to the course requirements to pass each ENGL level. Based on student performance, it may be possible to receive credit for a higher level English level in the same quarter.

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Learning Community Course Schedules

2021 Winter Quarter Course Offerings

2021 Spring Quarter Course Offerings

Viewing Classes or Registering Online?

Find Learning Communities easily with these steps:

  • Using the Class Schedule
    • Search for English: ENGL/ENGL& courses.
    • Learning Communities are labeled with Section Codes LC1, LC2, LC3, or LC4.
  • Using Student Toolbox Schedule Planner
    • Search for your English Placement: ENGL 093, ENGL 099, or ENGL&101.
    • Learning Communities include a Note 2 which means the class is linked to another.
    • When you register for the class, you will automatically be registered for the matching Learning Community class.