Summer Programs

LWTech Summer programs

It’s never too early to think about summer!

2019 Summer Program Courses 

Four-Week Sessions

LWTech’s fast-track summer Gen Ed classes offered in four-week modules!

Eight-Week Sessions

Summer eight-week classes: available online, and are generally transferrable!

Steps to Register for Classes

Step 1

Apply for admission to LWTech

  • You will be emailed your student ID (SID) number within five business days of submitting your application.

Step 2

Connect with an advisor to register

  • Email with the following information:
  • Call to schedule an appointment (425) 739-8300
  • In person—come in during drop in hourssee hours at
    1. Your LWTech student ID number
    2. Unofficial transcripts from you college showing courses that meet prerequisites requirements for the class at LWTech
    3. The class you would like to take. Example: Engl& 101- English composition