Annual Applied Research Symposium

Photo of LWTech student presenting their poster at the Symposium event

The Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) Annual Applied Research Symposium (ARS) is a chance for students to present what they have learned through their research and applied experiences to the community. The symposium includes poster, visual arts, and presentation sessions. Students from all LWTech programs are invited to apply to participate in the annual symposium.

Visit the Symposium E-Portfolio page or online PressBook (2022, 2023) to see student posters and projects from past Symposium events.

Symposium Information 

Next Event Date: TBD (Spring 2024)

Application Information

Applications for the 2024 symposium will open in late Fall 2024.

Application Requirements

  1. Provide general information: name, email, and program (if you are copresenting with others, include their info as well)
  2. Your research mentor names and emails
  3. Project information: title, abstract 

You must have a Faculty Mentor sign off on your work before it is eligible to be considered for the symposium. Work with your mentor to review your abstract and title before submitting. 

Abstract Guidelines

An abstract is a summary of your research usually presented in skeletal form, which concentrates on the essentials of a larger idea or claim. Your abstract should include enough information for reviewers to judge the nature and significance of your research, the adequacy of the methodology employed, and the nature of the results and/or progress to date. We strongly recommend that you attend an LWTech abstract writing workshop in January to help you get started. If you cannot attend in person, you may come to drop to in advising to gain additional information and guidance.

Abstracts must be between 100 to 300 words in length. Abstracts should not exceed more than 300 words.

Upcoming Workshops

Photo of LWTech students with their garden sphere project and their professor

Workshops will be offered in early Spring for symposium participants to refine their posters and presentational skills prior to the symposium event.

Check back here for updates about upcoming workshops as they get announced.

Resources for Presentations

Abstract Resources

Writing Resources


Licensing Your Work


If you are a student or faculty member and have further questions about the upcoming symposium or how to apply, please contact Michael Rodriguez for more information.

Applied Research Symposium E-Portfolio

Thank you to all the students who participated at the last Annual Applied Research Symposium. And thank you to all the faculty and staff who helped organize it! Visit the Symposium E-Portfolio page to learn more about the student projects that were presented.