Applied Research Course

Undergraduate research is a critical part of the academic experience that helps prepare students for today’s careers and tomorrow’s opportunities. LWTech’s Applied Research course will teach students from a broad range of academic disciplines how to use critical-thinking skills to seek innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Students will learn components of the scientific method, as well as engineering and design research principles. Topics will include the research process, literature review and information literacy, hypothesis formation and testing, experimental design, data collection and analysis, communication of findings, and research ethics.

Where appropriate, students will collaborate with industry, other departments, and LWTech’s Innovation Lab to incorporate design principles and produce prototypes. Students are encouraged to present research findings in-house at LWTech’s Annual Applied Research Symposium or at other regional conferences.

The Applied Research Course is currently in development and is expected to launch Fall 2021.


Successful completion of English 99 and Math 98 or 99, or placement by assessment.

Student Outcomes & Competencies

  • Describe the purpose of applied research
  • Identify the various components and methods of the research design process
  • Complete a literature review on the topic of their proposed research
  • Identify the need for and social value of their proposed research
  • Understand and practice principles of ethical research
  • Compare and contrast the strengths and limitations of various research methods
  • Identify a research method or methods appropriate to their research topic and available resources according to nature and purpose of study
  • Become familiar with the basic tools and skills used for technical/scientific writing
  • Design and present a research proposal