Meeting With an Advisor

Welcome to LWTech! We are excited that you are here. Now that you have applied for admission and received your Student ID Number, you can follow the steps below to meet with an advisor for registration. Follow the steps below in the order listed.

1. Identify Your Placement Options

Prior to meeting with an advisor, students must have completed the following:

  1. Apply for admission
  2. Receive a Student ID number
  3. Determine English and Math placement
  • After your admission application has been processed and you have a Student Identification Number (SID), you will need math and English placement prior to meeting with an advisor.
  • There are multiple placement options including high school transcript or test scores, college transcripts, and LWTechโ€™s placement assessment.
  • Visit the Placement page to see which option works best for you.

Please note that we can utilize unofficial transcripts for placement purposes but students must send official transcripts to the college to transfer in credits. Please allow at least three weeks for this process. More information available at

2. Meet With an Advisor (Appointment or Drop-in)

Now that you have applied for admission, have your Student ID Number, and have a form of placement, you are ready to meet with an advisor to register for classes.

For new students, the preferred way to meet with an advisor is through a scheduled appointment. Appointments can be scheduled for 30-60 minutes.

At an appointment, an advisor can discuss:

  • placement scores or unofficial transcripts
  • program requirements
  • create an academic plan with you
  • discuss resources to support you throughout your education
  • assist you with registering for classes


New students must have applied for admission, received a Student ID Number, and have placement to meet with an advisor.

You can find directions for how to make an appointment with your Advisor on the Who is My Advisor page. 

Who is My Advisor/Make an Appointment

Drop-in advising is a first-come, first-served time to meet with an available advisor without an appointment. Information about drop-in is available on the main Advising Webpage.

Drop-in is intended for students who have quick questions that take no longer than 15 minutes to answer.
Drop-in is the fastest way to reach an advisor.
Drop-in details are available on the main Advising Webpage.

3. Prepare for Your First Quarter 

As a new LWTech student, itโ€™s important that youโ€™re asking yourself the following questions prior to starting your first quarter: