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  • (425) 739-8104
  • Kirkland Campus
    West Building, W201
  • Hours
    Mon. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Wed. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Fri. 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

How to Register 

LWTech registration procedure allows you to register for one section of a course. If you register for more than one section of a course, the college will drop you from all sections except the most recent registration transaction. The college will notify you by email after making schedule changes. Please refer to additional registration policies below on this page. 

Please refer to the online calendar for additional important dates, such as closures, holidays, and events.

2020-2021 Academic Year Dates

Registration Activity Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Winter 2021 Spring 2021
Last day to register online, 
Last day to add class without an instructor's signature/ Last day students are enrolled automatically from class waiting lists
July 5 September 27 January 3  April 4
Quarter classes begin,
Tuition or First Payment Plan Due
July 6 September 28 January 4 April 5
Students who have not paid tuition, who haven’t made first Payment Plan payment, or who do not have financial aid will be dropped* from classes.
*Check Rosters in Instructor Briefcase
July 6 September 28 January 4 April 5
Last day for 100% refund (for most courses),
Last day to drop classes online
July 10 October 2 January 8 April 9
Last day to withdraw with no "W" on transcript July 17 October 9 January 15 April 16
Last day for 50% refund (for most courses) July 27 October 19 January 25 April 26
Priority Student Registration
(Military Veterans, Worker Retraining, WorkFirst, Disability Support Services, students graduating next quarter)
N/A November 2 
Registration for Winter 2021
February 8
Registration for Spring 2021
May 10
Registration for Summer & Fall 2021
Advising day,
Continuing Student Registration
N/A November 3 February 9 May 11
New Student Registration  N/A November 5 February 11 May 13
Open registration (all students) N/A November 6 February 12 May 14
Last day to withdraw from classes for the quarter August 14 November 24 March 3 June 2
Quarter Ends August 29 December 12 March 17 June 16
Grades available to students online September 3 December 17 March 24 June 23

Additional Registration and Enrollment Information

College Admission Criteria

Admission and placement procedures are governed by college policy 7.P.03. As an open-door college, LWTech admits all students who:

  • Hold a high school diploma, or
  • Earned a GED, or
  • Hold another high school equivalency, or
  • Are at least 18 years old

Full-Time Students Registration

Currently enrolled degree and certificate seeking students should follow these steps:

  1. Meet with a faculty advisor to review courses for next quarter (on Advising Day or make an appointment).
  2. Register for courses (students may register for most courses via  web, email, or in person in West Building, W201). See the Class Schedule for a list of courses.
  3. Students pay tuition and fees via the web (Student Toolbox), at the Cashier's Office, or other modes offered by the college.
  4. Textbook and supply costs are in addition to tuition.

To register online, go to the Student Toolbox. A Student Identification Number (SID) and a personal identification number (PIN) are required. For registration, this number is the student's date of birth until the PIN is changed by the student. Online registration may not be available for all students or classes. To register in person, go to Enrollment Services during business hours.

Priority Registration

Priority Registration, as set forth in Administrative Procedure 7.A.04, for qualified continuing students begins one day prior each quarterly Advising Day. The following groups receive priority registration at LWTech:

  • Military Veterans
  • Students graduating in the next quarter
  • Students enrolled with Worker Retraining or WorkFirst
  • Students enrolled with Disability Support Services

Register/Add/Drop Via LWTech Student Email

Students may also add/drop classes using their LWTech email account ( by emailing Registration. All requests sent via LWTech email accounts are considered official.

Change Registration (Add/Drop)

Students must add or drop courses via the Student Toolbox, or at Enrollment Services, West building, W201 to make the change official. A refund will occur only when a student officially withdraws or drops within the refund period. Please see our refund policy.

Submit Via Your LWTech Student Email

Students may also add/drop classes using their LWTech email account ( by emailing Registration & Enrollment Services. All requests sent via LWTech email accounts are considered official.

Late Additions

Courses added after the first day of the quarter require instructor approval. Adding courses after the 10th day of the quarter requires payment of a $50 late registration fee and may require special petitions.


The quarterly Class Schedule lists fee payment requirements. Tuition and fees are due by the first day of the quarter.

Students who have not paid tuition and fees or made the first payment of the Student Payment Plan may be dropped from their classes after the fifth day of the quarter.

Students who owe tuition and fees will not be able to register for future quarters, receive official transcripts, or graduate until their account has been paid.

Prerequisite Requirements

Many classes require completion of prerequisite coursework to ensure students are prepared for course content and rigor. Students must meet the requirements of a class either by grade, transfer coursework, placement score, or faculty permission.

Waiting Lists

If a class is full, students have the option to be put on a waiting list. This list automatically adds students to openings as they appear prior to the first day of each quarter. Students should check online, with Enrollment Services, or with the course instructor during the first week of classes to see if they are enrolled in the class. Students should remove themselves from the waiting list if they decide not to enroll in the class.

Note: Students may not register for a course (example: ENGL& 101 item #XXXA) and hold a place on the wait list for another section of the same course (ENGL& 101 item #XXXB).

Administrative Withdrawals (Single/Multiple Course Drop)

Students may be administratively withdrawn from an individual class or all classes in a particular quarter for the following reasons. In all cases, tuition refunds will follow LWTech's posted refund policy. 

Complete Withdrawal (Dropping All Classes) 

A student may withdraw from all courses through the eighth week of the quarter, or the equivalent proportion for shorter courses or courses with irregular start and end dates. It is the student's responsibility to drop all classes. Further information is available in the Class Schedule

Official withdrawals occurring after the tenth instructional day of the quarter are posted with a "W" on the student's transcript. A grade of W does not count in GPA calculations. Not attending a class does not withdraw a student or create refund eligibility. After the eighth week, no withdrawals will be allowed. An instructor will assign the appropriate grade. Depending on the start date and length of the class, an early withdrawal during the first two weeks will not be recorded on the transcript.

Conduct Sanctions

When a student is found in violation of one or more of the student conduct codes published in the student handbook, administrative withdrawal may be selected as an appropriate sanction. You may also refer to the LWTech Student Code of Conduct for more information


In order to maximize enrollment opportunities for all students, instructors may request the Enrollment Services office to administratively withdraw students who (1) Do not attend the first and/or any subsequent class meetings AND (2) Do not notify the instructor in advance of the absence.