Official Records and Transcript Requests

An official transcript is the official record of a student's academic achievement at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Current and former LWTech students may request official transcripts one of three ways:

Unofficial Transcripts

Current LWTech students can view and print unofficial transcripts via the LionsLink Student View

View Unofficial LWTech Transcript Guide in Full Screen

Tip: Need an official transcript? Order official transcripts through the LWTech Transcripts website.

Step 1 (Student View)

On the LionsLink Portal (, click on ‘ctcLink Login’.

Step 2 

Enter your ‘ctcLink ID’ number, and click on the ‘Next’ button. Then enter your ‘Password’ and click on the ‘Verify’ button.  

Tip: If you forgot your password, click on ‘Password Help’ to reset it. Additional directions can be found in the Reset Your LionsLink Account Password tutorial. 

Step 3

On the left side navigation bar, select ‘Academics’. In the newly appeared dropdown, select ‘View Unofficial Transcript’. 

Step 4

Click on the ‘Expand All’ button to review all sections. Click on ‘View PDF’ to download or print. 

Step 5*

Click the ‘Printer Icon’ to print or the ‘Download Arrow’  to get a copy of your unofficial transcript.


  • *This step may vary depending on your browser and operating system. 
  • If you are having trouble getting your transcript to appear on the screen, you may need to disable your pop-up blocker.

View Student Account Activation Guide in Full Screen

Step 1

Open a web browser, and go to the LionsLink Powered by ctcLink activation page (

Step 2

Below the login window, click on ‘Activate Your Account’ link.

Step 3

Follow the instructions by entering your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and ID number. Click on ‘Submit’.


  • Current Student? Use your 9-digit student ID number (old SID)
  • New Student? Use your 9-digit ctcLink ID (from welcome email)
  • Getting stuck? Make sure the name you entered is the one you used during admissions

Step 4

Enter your preferred email, 3 required security questions, and account recovery information.

Tip: Answers to the security questions have to be at least 6 characters. You’ll need your security answers to reset your password. Write them down or take a screenshot.

Step 5

Create your password and enter it a second time to confirm it. Then, click on ‘Submit’.

Step 6 

Your account is now activated! Make sure to record your ctcLink ID (this is your new student ID number). Then, click ‘OK’. 

Step 7 

Use your new student ID number and password to log into the classic view of LionsLink (

Step 8 

You will be on the ‘Gateway’ Page. Click on ‘Student Homepage’ .

Step 9

This is the Classic View Student Homepage. LWTech is now set as your college. You may log out, explore the Classic View Student Homepage, or explore using Student View (