New Student Orientation

Welcome to LWTech!

We are all so excited to welcome you to be part of our LWTech family. New Student Orientation is designed to introduce you to what it means to be a student at LWTech. There are two orientation experiences for all new students. Learn more below.

2021 Spring Quarter New Student Orientation

Welcome to spring quarter! Please join any scheduled workshop orientations. They are free to all students. College staff will share information about resources and services about the topic the orientation will cover. Each section below includes the description, and the date and time of the workshop. 

How to Join Virtual Orientations

Please register for the workshop of interest: 

  1. Please go to the LWTech website calendar and review all offerings.
  2. You may also choose the event below and register from there.
  3. Choose the date of the event you want to attend, go to that link and then click on the link to register for the event.
  4. After you register, you will receive an email that will include the zoom link to use to join the meeting. You will also receive a reminder email about the workshop.

Virtual Orientation Sessions

Join our instructional team for a group orientation to LWTech's online software. The orientation will include an introduction to canvas, student email, retrieving you pin number, and Student Toolbox. There are two orientations for Canvas, student email, and Student Toolbox. Both dates will cover the same information. You are welcome to attend one or both. You will hear from our dean and be able to ask questions, and problem solve your issues. These are scheduled for:

College funding options can often be confusing and overwhelming. Join our funding experts and learn about financial aid, scholarships, and various funded student populations.

There is one orientation scheduled for our new students with military experience, are on active-duty, or are a dependent of a veteran. If you identify as a student who has or is engaged with a military branch of service, or is a dependent, please join us. 

In this workshop, experts will share information about disability accommodations, how to use the college resources, and what steps students take to review eligibility. Our TRIO staff will share information about this grant programs that serves first generation students and low income students.

Our current students want to share their experience with you! Join us to meet some current students and ask them questions about their experience.

New Student Online Orientation

Take our New Student Online Orientation and go through our open, and non-timed orientation. Complete the orientation by clicking through the end of the orientation to take a short quiz. Your quiz will be counted as you completing the online orientation.

Start the New Student Online Orientation

New Student Services Navigation Information

As a new student, there are many things to be aware of. Whether you are in one of our specialty populations, coming back after years of being out of college, or it is your first time in college you have much in common with everyone, you need to start somewhere. The information below can help navigate the various services available to students as you get ready for your first quarter. 

After you figure out your first quarter, you will continue to learn more about the college and find connections that will help with social and academic success. Please use the information below to learn what services or supports we believe are important for students before their first quarter.

All students have some level of access to apply for funding through financial aid by using the Free Financial Aid for Student Aid application. This application is online, and managed through the federal government. It is recommended any student applying for federal aid to attend LWTech apply using the FAFSA at least three months in advance of starting their first quarter. Processing time may limit a student's ability to pay for tuition and supplies.  

Other funding options might be available from scholarships or through LWTech's Worker Retraining Department. 

Finally, all students are encouraged to learn more about scholarships that can supplement costs to attend.

A great resource for all students is the Student Handbook that can help you learn more about academic and student life. The student handbook is for all students and covers resources and services all students are eligible to use.

All students need to take the time to get their student identification card. That card is used for entering campus while we are in remote operations, accessing library materials online or in person.

Students can find the textbooks needed for their classes by visiting the bookstore’s "get your textbooks" webpage. You will need your class schedule when using the bookstore textbook search function. Use Student Toolbox to get a copy of your schedule to look for textbooks.

All students, after registering for classes, can access their quarterly schedule through the online student toolbox. This is a great online resource to check all your college information including checking grades, changing you personal identification number, or checking your registration time. 

Canvas is LWTech's online learning software. This is the system you will use when taking any classes that are online, have a hybrid component, or faculty use for holding information. There are several help pages that outline problem solving, if you have any issues figuring out how to use the software.

At some point, all students will use the college bookstore to purchase unique supplies, books, buy college apparel, or get a snack. 

Legend is your way to connect with your academic advisor and professor about how you are doing in your class. You will see academic plans, kudos, and resources you can use for academic success.

There are several maps available for you to use when figuring out where your labs and classes are. There are four buildings that make up the total campus buildings and each building has different services, amenities, classrooms, or labs in them.

Generally speaking, this is the list of building with their services:

  • West building includes classrooms, labs, student services, human resources, and the president's office.
  • East building includes several classrooms and labs. It also includes food for purchase, student activities and student government, TRIO, and the RISE and Fitness centers.
  • Allied Health building includes classrooms and labs for health care programs.
  • Technology center includes classrooms, labs, the library, and the information technology department. 
There are several options for student involvement including attending student activities, starting or joining a student club, engaging with student government, visiting the veteran center, or utilizing the RISE Center
Finally, if you cannot find information you need here or at other webpages, please visit the ASK Me webpage and ask your question. A college employee will get back to you with an answer.

Have a great quarter! We hope you tailor your LWTech experience to meet your expectations. If we can help in anyway, please let us know.