Accessing Online Student Information

Student access information online for many reasons. There are several services you should be aware of as you are beginning classes. First, you need to know about Canvasโ€”how students take many classes online. You also need to know about accessing your email address, important when the college sends you updates about your classes. Finally, the LWTech Bookstore will help you with ordering books and supplies for your classes. 

All student will use LionsLink powered by ctcLink to manage their LWTech academic career. This includes planning, enrolling, dropping, or changing classes. You can also check grades, pay for classes, change your personal and contact information. LionsLink is a required online resource students use for this management.

Use the LionsLink Student Support page for answering your questions about using LionsLInk.

One of the best places to start with online learning is our Remote Learning page. This page has collected information about logging onto resources and put it one place. 

Canvas is LWTech's online learning software all students will use when enrolled in classes. Each class you take will have a connected canvas shell (what we call a class with online content). Faculty will release access to your Canvas shells on a schedule according to their syllabus. 

You might use Canvas in a hybrid class (both online and in person), fully online class, or a web-enhanced class. 

Canvas is easy to use and comes with a lot of college support. If you need assistance accessing your Canvas account visit the eLearning support page. You will need your student ID number and your password pin. Your login for Canvas is the same as your login for LWTech computers and email. The username is your full name email address, The password is your computer/email password.

All students are assigned a student email when they are admitted to the college. This email is used to contact LWTech staff and faculty when you have a question or concern. It is also the official communication tool used to contact students, especially about advising appointments, registration, or wait listing. Please make sure you log into your email. You can also forward your student email to your personal email

Another option available for all students is to use a preferred email address. Using a preferred email address can be set up in LionsLink following instructions on LionsLink student training webpage. Look for a training called "Set Your Preferred Email".

If you have any issues logging on, visit the Information Technology Services (ITS) page.

All students can enjoy the online LWTech bookstore by using their online portal to buy books, LWTech gear or supplies for the quarter. Visit the LWTech bookstore online store.

Being connected to  your faculty is easy through Legend. This online system allows students and faculty to connect and share notes about your class progress. You can get kudos for your great work, check on resources available to you through the college, connect with your faculty by leaving messages, or check out referrals made to you by either staff or faculty. Legend is there for you throughout your college experience.

This is a great resource for students to use when enrolled and taking online classes. StudentLingo has online, interactive workshops focused on helping LWTech students achieve their academic and career goals. Workshops are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and usually take less than 20 minutes to complete. They can also be repeated multiple times. Check out these videos today and use the strategies learned for your college and career success.

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