An important update to LWTech's digital management systems is coming in Winter quarter, 2022. Once implemented, you will use this new system. The LionsLink powered by ctcLink software will provide a set of common, mobile-friendly tools for you to manage college business online, such enrolling for classes, managing courses, processing payroll and more.

The software is designed to update administrative processes such as registration and course management, financial aid, financial services, and human resources.
Our current systems are very old and outdates. With the advances made in digital technology, web interfaces, and online customer service LWTech is finally able to offer these modernized options for you. 
You will have access to information from any online interface, at any time. You will use modern online tools for taking care of college business. You will also have one student ID whether you attend two different colleges, and your  common online tools for everything from admission to graduation will be accedssible.
Beginning in fall quarter, you will be able to register for winter and spring quarter classes. Look for that announcement in your student email. 
To learn more about this huge system update, visit the LionsLink webpage.

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