Opportunity Grant



The Opportunity Grant Scholarship supports low-income students pursuing careers in high-wage, high-demand occupations.

Students in the Opportunity Grant Scholarship program may receive:

  • Tuition and fees for up to 45 credits (dependent on available funding)
  • Up to $1,000 per academic year for books and supplies
  • Career and educational advising and planning
  • Personal support, goal setting, and problem-solving


You may be eligible to participate in the Opportunity Grant program at LWTech if: 

  • You are a Washington state resident as defined in RCW 28B.15.012 (living in Washington state at least one year)
  • You have a cumulative and quarterly GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Your total household income* as reported on the FAFSA/WASFA does not exceed the following income guidelines: 
    • 1 Person Household: $2,430/month ($29,160/year)
    • 2 Person Household: $3,287/month ($39,440/year)
    • 3 Person Household: $4,143/month ($49,720/year)
    • 4 Person Household: $5,000/month ($60,000/year)
    • 5 Person Household: $5,857/month ($70,280/year)
    • 6 Person Household: $6,713/month ($80,560/year)
    • 7 person Household: $7,570/month ($90,840/year)
  • You are enrolled in one of the programs listed under 'Eligible Programs for Opportunity Grant' 

*Household income is evaluated annually based on the most recent FAFSA/WASFA and updated federal guidelines.

Note: Priority will be given to students who do not have a previous bachelor's degree or higher.

Eligible Programs for Opportunity Grant

Degrees/Certificates & Curriculum:

Degrees/Certificates & Curriculum: 

Degrees/Certificates & Curriculum:


Depending on available funding, you may be placed on a waitlist for the Opportunity Grant Scholarship. Please note that being added to the waitlist does not guarantee award of the Opportunity Grant Scholarship.

How to Apply

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