Past Student Suggestions

Students make outstanding contributions to LWTech by making suggestions. In the effort to be transparent and let students know about how ASG addresses student suggestions you can see them here.

If you have any thoughts about making suggestions do not hesitate. Visit the ASG Suggestions page and complete the form. It goes to the ASG Advisor and is passed to the ASG Executive Board.

Suggestions can be on anything you care about. Just let your ASG Team know.


Do Something About Smoking Litter

Summer Quarter 2014 

ASG was presented with a suggestion about banning on-campus smoking because of health issues and litter. A survey was taken of students (n=46) and little headway was attained. Students did not report having much of an issue with smoking litter and there was no support for banning on-campus smoking. 

Data are available in Student Programs, in East Building, E 128.



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