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The Employment Resource Center offers ongoing workshops and events to support students, alumni and community members in their career planning and job search. Beyond the workshop events, students also have access to various online workshops.

In-Person Workshops and Events

Online Workshops and Resources


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StudentLingo is a series of online, interactive workshops focused on helping LWTech students achieve their academic and career goals. These workshop are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, usually take less than 20 minutes to complete, and can be repeated multiple times. Check out these videos today and use the strategies learned for your college and career success.

List of StudentLingo Workshops

List of StudentLingo Workshops

Academic & Career Exploration

  • Exploring Careers & Choosing A Major
  • Mastering The Job Interview
  • What it Takes To Be A Successful Student
  • Writing Effective Resumes & Cover Letters

Learning To Learn

  • 10 Habits Of Mind For College Success
  • Classroom Expectations & Behaviors
  • Developing Critical Thinking Skills
  • Exam Preparation Tips & Test-Taking Strategies
  • How To Reduce Test Anxiety
  • How To Overcome Math Anxiety
  • Study Tips & Note-Taking Strategies
  • Learning Strategies Every Student Should Know 

Online Learning

  • 10 Tips For Success In Your Online Course
  • Effectively Communicating Online
  • Online Courses: Staying Motivated & Disciplined
  • Taking Tests Online: Strategies For Success

Reading & Writing Strategies

  • Reading Comprehension Strategies 

Personal Management

  • Financial Literacy: Smart Money Skills For College & Beyond
  • How To Achieve Well-Being, Balance & Success
  • How To Develop Your Cross-Cultural Skills
  • How Your Personality Style May Impact Your Academic Success
  • Overcoming Procrastination: Causes & Cures
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Setting & Accomplishing Realistic Goals
  • Time Management: Strategies For Success

Success Strategies

  • Discover Your Learning Style Preferences
  • Student Veterans: How To Succeed In College
  • Success Strategies For First Generation Students

Access StudentLingo

Access StudentLingo


CarrerSpots consist of short online videos to assist LWTech students with their job search and networking skills.  LWTech wants you to have all of the technical skills you need for the job, but we also want to make sure you have the most recent skills needed to find the job.  All videos are close-captioned, have transcripts included, most are less than 3 minutes long, and they can be viewed multiple times.  Spend a few minutes every day getting tips on exploring interviewing skills, resume writing, networking, salary negotiations, and social media for you job search.

Access CareerSpots

Other Workshops and Resources

  • InterviewStream - Would you hire you? Practice Interviewing. Anytime. Anywhere
  • Financial Aid Literacy - learn about Financial Aid and how to properly access loans and take full advantage of financial resources for your education. 
  • - a resource providing video instruction on countless tech-related topics. LWTech students and faculty have access to by association with the college. ( Access Instructions) Access Instructions

    Follow the directions below to create your account.

    1. Visit
    2. You will arrive at a screen prompting you to type in your email. Type in your lwtech email address and Submit. (
    3. After you Submit, you will see a Welcome prompting to go to your LWTech email box.
    4. Go to your LWTech email and find the “Create your profile” email. In that email, click on the “Follow this link”.
    5. The “Follow this link” will take you to the following screen, where you will click “No, I’ve never had an account.”
    6. Type in your first name, last name and create your own password. As the box states, it must contain at least six characters and a number. Click Create My Profile.
    7. You are one click away from browsing the lynda resources! Click “start exploring the library”. You can now browse the resources by selecting from the dropdown menus to search by Subject, Software, Author. Or, type in the Search box a topic you’d like instructional videos on.
    8. Just remember to logout upon completion of your session.

    Note: On your next login to, you will be prompted to select from the “Program of Study” box. Students: Select your program from the list, or select “Other Program” if not listed. Staff/Faculty: Select LWTech Employee

    Need Additional Help with Contact the IT Help Desk.