Citrix Installation and Loggin In for PC

  1. Log into the VPN
  2. Open a Browser ... Go to
  3. Click on the Detect Receiver button
  4. Check the I agree check box
  5. Click the Download button
  6. Select Save File button
  7. Go to your Downloads folder
  8. Click on the CitrixReceiver.exe file
  9. In the “Open Executable File?” window, click the OK button
  10. In the “Welcome to Citrix Receiver” window, Click the Start button
  11. In the “License Agreement Window” check the I accept checkbox
  12. Select the Next Button
  13. In the Enable Single Sign-on window, don’t check the Enable single sign-on checkbox
  14. Click the Install button
  15. Wait for Citrix Receiver to install
  16. Installation successful
    Click the Finish button; the window will close and you will be at the “Downloading Citrix Receiver” window.
  17. At the “Downloading Citrix Receiver” window and click on the Continue button
    1. if the downloading Citrix window is not there when you are done installing Citrix or you have logged out of Citrix and want to log back in
    2. Open a Browser ... Go to

  18. The confirmation window will open up and open the “Launch Application” window
  19. In the “Launch Application” window, in the Send to: section “Citrix Receiver Launcher” should be highlighted blue, ( it turns grey when you check the remember checkbox
  20. Check the “Remember my choice for receiver links.” checkbox
  21. Click the Open Link button.

    At the login window, enter your
  22. E-mail address
  23. Password
  24. Click Log On button.
  25. Your Citrix Desktop should Open up.