Create and Access Your Account

LWTech students and employees have access to thousands of training videos through our subscription. You can create a account using your LWTech email address. You are able to create playlists, and bookmark specific areas in a course to return to, and in some cases there are additional exercise files or materials you may download to work with. For students, some faculty use it to place supplemental materials into their Canvas course modules. Topics are vast ranging from technology, business, leadership, communication…and much more!

Create a Account

  1. Visit\email-signup.
  2. You will arrive at a screen prompting you to type in your email. Type in your LWTech email address and click Submit.
    Note: you will need to use a student or employee LWTech email address for authentication and eligibility purposes. screenshot when entering your email address
  3. You will see a Welcome prompting to got your LWTech email inbox.
    Welcome to screenshot
  4. Login to your LWTech email and find the "Create your Profile" email. In the email click on the "Follow this Link".
    Follow this link email screenshot
  5. You will arrive at the Create Your Profile screen. Click "No, I've never had an account."
    • Merging Lynda Accounts: If you have a previous Lynda account you paid for or had from another institution, you are able to merge that history with this new profile. Click the “I’ve had an account” and it will allow you to do so.
      Create your profile screenshot
  6. Type in your first name, last name and create your own password. As the box states, it must contain at least six characters and a number. Click Create My Profile.
    Your new profile form fields screenshot
  7. You will arrive at the Welcome to screen. Click start exploring the library link.
    Welcome screenshot

You can now browse the resources by selecting from the dropdown menus to search by Subject, Software, Author. Or, type in the Search box a topic you’d like instructional videos on.

Note: Just remember to logout upon completion of your session.

Screenshot of once you are logged in.

Next Time You Login

  • On your next login to, you will be prompted to select from the “Program of Study” box.
    • Students: Select your program from the list, or select “Other Program” if not listed.
    • Staff/Faculty: Select LWIT Employee

Screenshot of setting profile settings