Self-Help and How-to Guides

LWTech students and employees can access easy-to-follow directions for commonly used IT applications. You can access our comprehensive collection of step-by-step guides to enhance your experience at LWTech. If you require additional support, we encourage you to submit a Help Desk Ticket for prompt assistance.

Steps to Get Started

  1. Confirm your Student ID Number and Username (For new students, you received this in your Welcome Letter.)
  2. Activate your LionsLink powered by ctcLink Account
    1. Follow the instructions under Log-in Options and the Start here! One time only heading.
  3. Create your LWTech Password
    1.  You will use this password to access Okta (LWTech IT Apps Dashboard for Webmail (Email), Canvas, Legend and more)

      b. Note: You must have a secondary email OR cell phone number in LionsLink powered by ctcLink to create your password. Follow the guide Update Contact Information (Email/Phone) to add additional contact information to your LionsLink account. 

  4. Set Up your Okta Dashboard (optional)
  5. Connect to Campus Computers or Connect to Campus Wi-Fi

Would you like the directions in another language?

Learn how to use the LWTech website and YouTube translation tools, to change the language of the information.

Get Started Frequently Asked Questions

If you want information in a different language, you can use online translation tools. Learn how to use the LWTech website and YouTube translation tools, to change the language of the information.

Login to LionsLink/ctcLink to view your schedule (use Student View login).

  • Okta (new dashboard to access LWTech IT Apps)/Webmail/Canvas Login
    • Username:
    • Your LWTech password
  • LionsLink (aka ctcLink) Login
    • 9-digit ID number
    • ctcLink password
  • Campus Computer Login
    • Username: s-firstname.lastname
    • Your LWTech password
  • Your LWTech password expires every 90 days for security purposes. If needed, reset your password
  • Review the Get Started how-to guides above. 
  • Submit a Help Desk Ticket.
  • Visit the Help Desk in the Technology Center, Room T318.
  • Call the Help Desk at 425-576-5865.


Okta Dashboard

At LWTech we have a handy, easy-to-use dashboard where you can access all of the IT applications you use on a daily basis (Canvas, school email, LionsLink, etc.) from one place.

Okta Dashboard Login

Most Frequently Used Applications Overview

Applications How-to Student Guides

Learn how to log in and use the following applications:


IT Services Help Desk

Please reach out to the Help Desk if you need additional assistance.

  • Walk up Services are available in the Technology Center, T318
  • Over the phone at (425) 739-8100 x8603 OR our direct line (425) 576-5865
  • Submit a Help Desk Ticket