Student Chartered Clubs

Student chartered club communities develop opportunities for Lake Washington students to connect to their college experience in interesting, challenging and fun ways. The student chartered club process is an opportunity to build social networks, create academic connections, or learn something new.

Advantages to starting a campus community:

  • funding opportunities for activities
  • use of the LWTech name and logo
  • ability to fund-raise on campus
  • plan campus activities with support from Student Programs
  • representation of your group at ASG meetings
  • free use of campus rooms  

Beginning a New Club

This easy process follows 3 steps:

Step 1

Complete the charter packet, available from Student Programs, East Building, E128.

Step 2

Turn in the completed packet to the Associated Student Government. It will be reviewed and submitted during the next ASG official meeting. If ASG or Student Programs staff have any questions about the packet the student chartering officer/member will be notified.

Step 3

All student chartered club communities are then required to attend training. A training time will be set up in coordination of the chartering student's schedule.

After the group receives training they are eligible to begin planning campus activities. 

Continuing a Club

After a club is chartered by the ASG they are then required to complete active status paperwork every quarter the group wants to be active.

This active status paperwork is turned into Student Programs for approval; which means completed paperwork. If all completed paperwork is received the group will receive $300.00 for the quarter; available until the 5th week of the quarter. All paperwork is due quarterly.