Event and Professional Development Funds

Office of Student Life and the Associated Student Government (ASG) set aside money from Services and Activities Fees so student leades may from clubs and host different activities for students, or participate in professional development to enhance students' academic careers. 

The 2021-2022  Community Building and Professional Development Fund has $20,000 . Through an application process, these funds will be awarded to student clubs interested in hosting activities focused on community building, or attending professional development events.

A committee of LWTech students will review applications, score them on a rubric, and award money to requests based on their score and the amount of funds available. This committee awards along a funding spectrum to zero dollars to a high percentage of the total cost of the event. Funding is not always guaranteed.

Process for Requesting Funding

  • Any currently enrolled LWTech student or a LWTech faculty/staff member (full or part-time) may complete an application for funding.
  • Each request must have at least one faculty/staff sponsor who will attend the event/activity and one student planner, but either person can complete the application.
  • Students do not need to be a member of a club or student organization in order to request funds.
  • The student planner and faculty/staff sponsor listed on the request will receive an email from the committee after a request is submitted asking to confirm that they are a planner/sponsor.

Funds may be used for opportunities for currently enrolled LWTech students that are not requirements of an instructional program.

Community Building Fund

For community-building events that are strictly social in nature, and do not involve any professional development or intentional educational activity. 

Professional Development Fund

For a professional development or skill-building activity, including:

  • Training or test preparation (including paying for a trainer)
  • Industry site tour or field trip
  • Conference for training, competition, or research presentation (and associated travel)
  • Professional organization meetings
  • Professional organization membership for students
  • Supplies for a project or activity that builds skills

Events that include require additional permissions from the college. Please include additional processing time if requesting travel. 

The committee will use a rubric to score each application. Include as much information as possible so the committee can make an informed decision. Applications will be scored on:

  • Quality of event (i.e., well planned, potential for high interest from students, unique opportunity)
  • Benefit to LWTech community (what students will learn from the event, how they can use that learning to benefit their fellow students)
  • Related to LWTechโ€™s mission, core themes, or values
  • Ratio of total funding requested per total number of students expected to attend

Applicants will receive an email on the decision date informing them how much money the committee has awarded the request.

That email will include instructions on the forms needed to complete in order to register the activity, make purchases, secure contracts, book travel, sign waivers, etc.

When To Request Money

In order to provide equitable opportunity to access funds and enough time to plan events, the committee will review applications when groups apply.. In 2021-2022, $20,000 available for events and professional development, and is split between each application cycle, based on the amount of events the committee expects students will want to host during each cycle. The committee will award all of these funds each cycle. If not enough students apply for funds during a cycle, any remaining funds will roll over to the next cycle. 

How To Request Money

Funding application for events and professional development is online:

Apply for Money From the Fund

For more information or assistance with an application, contact Office of Student Life.

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