Participating in a Club

After a club is chartered by the Associated Student Government, club advisors, officers, and members have responsibilities and resources to manage the activities of the club. All club officers are required to receive training when they begin or change positions. Contact Office of Student Life to receive training.

Canvas Groups for Clubs

All club members may enroll in the Canvas Course for Clubs, and each club has its own group within the Clubs Course. In canvas club advisors, members, and officers can access:

  • Current member list
  • All forms (all required forms will be submitted through Canvas)
  • Club procedures and policies
  • Calendar of all club events
  • Discussions with other student clubs
  • Resources and ideas for club activities
  • Historical club documents (from past years)

If you are not part of this Canvas Course, you can enroll yourself. If you have trouble accessing this, contact the Office of Student Life.