Start a New Club

Student clubs develop opportunities for LWTech students to connect to their college experience in interesting, challenging and fun ways. Starting a club is an opportunity to build social networks, create academic connections, or learn something new.

If there is not a currently active club that meets your interests, start your own! The benefits of having a club are:

  • sense of community
  • safe space to share and promote your interests with like-minded people
  • funding opportunities for activities

    Club Funding

    All active student clubs receive $300 per academic year and it is kept in an account for the club managed by ASG. This money can be used for approved club activities. Clubs can request additional funding from the Associated Student Government (ASG) for larger events or off-campus events. These funds are available for the entire academic year (July - June) and any unused funds at the end of June are returned to ASG.

    Clubs can fundraise for additional money, and this money can rollover to the next academic year if unused.

    Clubs can apply for additional funds from the Event and Professional Development Funds.

  • use of the LWTech name and logo
  • ability to fund-raise on campus
  • plan campus activities with support from Campus Life
  • representation of your group at Associated Student Government (ASG) meetings
  • free use of campus rooms

For more information on clubs at LWTech, contact the Student Programs Director. 

Process for Starting a New Club

Develop an idea for your club. Clubs must align with the mission of LWTech and the Associated Student Government (ASG). Clubs should be for current LWTech students that have a common interest or purpose. First, review our list of currently active clubs to determine if there is a club you want to join that aligns with your interests. If there is not a club you are interested in joining you can start your own. At the bottom of this page you can see all clubs ever chartered to see if we have had a club that you are interested in starting. Once a club has been inactive for two years it needs to be re-started as a new club.

Clubs are for groups of students that want to have regular small, on-campus activities or events as a community around a common interest, program, or identity. These clubs do not require an advisor; Student Programs staff will support students with their activities. If you want to have frequent events or activities with the same group of students, having a club can be a helpful way to do that. 

If you only have a few events during the year, and they are larger community building events and/or professional development opportunities, it is not necessary to continue as a club. Any student is eligible to request funding through the Community Building Event Fund or Professional Development Fund, so clubs are only necessary for students who want to do on-going activities.

Find Members and Officers

Clubs are not required to have a minimum number of members, but we recommend having at least six (including officers). This is to ensure that clubs that receive funding from student fees are supporting a group of students and not just a few students' personal interests. If you are not sure how to find members or if you want to determine if students are interested before you commit to starting a club, contact Student Programs for assistance. Some members will need to be officers for the club. Each club needs at least one officer, who serves as the leader and main point of contact. 

Learn more about the responsibilities of club officers.

Expected Club Officer Responsibilities

Help the Club Communicate…

  1. Organize and chair club meetings.
  2. Keep records of meetings, minutes, travel, and expenditures.
  3. Organize or oversee publicity for club activities.
  4. Ensure club compliance with club constitution, the ASG Constitution and By-laws, the Club Handbook, the ASG Financial Code, and other applicable rules and regulations.

Help the Club Grow:

  1. By using support services from Student Programs and ASG, recruit new club members.
  2. Let Student Programs know about new members. It helps us market your club to the larger college community.
  3. Develop and use the club’s budget.
  4. Complete and submit an quarterly form for recognition to ASG to maintain your status as a recognized student organization.
  5. Approve all fundraising activities and expenditures made by the club.

Complete the Club Charter Form online. This includes stating a purpose for the club, outlining expected activities and events, and identifying students who will lead the club (officers).  

The Associated Student Government will review your Club Charter Form at their next weekly meeting. The Clubs Community Specialist will contact you if there are questions about your request. If your club is approved, clubs officers will need to complete an officer training to learn about running a club. After the officers receive training you are eligible to begin planning campus activities.  

Past Clubs

  • Business Administration
  • Construction Specifications Institute
  • Dental Hygiene (class of 2020)
  • Dental Hygiene (class of 2021)
  • Information Security Club
  • International Student Club
  • Public Health Administration
  • Sigma Phi Sigma (Funeral Services)
  • Student Human Resources Management Student Club
  • Student Nurses Organization
  • Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)
  • Culinary Club
  • Dental Hygiene Class of 2020
  • Dental Hygiene Class of 2021
  • Information Security Club
  • Occupational and Physical Therapy Assistant Club
  • SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management)
  • SNO - Student Nurses Organization
  • Software Development Club
  • Student Veterans of America LWTech Chapter
  • Supply Chain Management Association
  • Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)
  • Cultural Theater Club
  • Dental Hygiene Class of 2019
  • Dental Hygiene Class of 2020
  • Design Club
  • Game Development
  • Information Security Club
  • International Students Club
  • Lion's Pride Healing Art Club
  • Occupational & Physical Therapy Assistant Club
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Quilts In Common
  • Sigma Phi Sigma (Funeral Service Honor Society)
  • Society of Human Resources Management - LWTech Student Chapter (SHRM)
  • Software Development Club
  • Student Nursing Organization
  • Student Veterans of America - LWTech Chapter
  • Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA)

(only Student Chartered Clubs listed in the current academic year are considered active)

  • 17799 (Information Assurance and Computer Forensics and Security Club)
  • Accounting Club
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • American Welding Society
  • Black Students Unite for Peace
  • Café Crossfade
  • Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Chinese Students Support Club
  • CANSAT (Canned Satellite)
  • Club TRiO
  • Construction Specifications Institute
  • Culinary Club
  • Cultural Humanities
  • Cyberchicks & Emales
  • Dental Assisting
  • Dental Hygiene Juniors
  • Dental Hygiene Seniors
  • Electronic Manufacturers Association
  • Evil Pie
  • Falun DaFa (Self-Cultivation Practice to Improve Mind & Body)
  • Fitness Specialist
  • Gay - Straight Alliance
  • Ham Radio
  • IAAP Student Chapter (International Association of Administrative Professionals)
  • Inter Vivos
  • International Student Club
  • John 3:16
  • Joshua Generation
  • Latinos Integrating for a Better Education (LIFE)
  • Legal Support Professional
  • LWTC Student Chapter of EMAM2
  • Michele Martinez
  • NERDS (Networking Environmental Resource Specialists Computer Club)
  • Occupational Therapy Assistants
  • Outreach Christian
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Racing Performance Modification
  • ReSpawn Games
  • S-Class
  • Sigma Phi Sigma
  • Social and Human Services
  • Society of Human Resources Management
  • Speak Up!
  • Student Nurses Organization
  • The International League of TechniWashingtonians
  • Toki Doki - Anime Club
  • URBAN Alliance
  • Veteran's Club