Page 12 - 2021-22 LWTech Student Handbook
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help you meet your advisor, and get logged onto various college platforms you’ll need for academic success. This joint program with Academic Advising is a great first step on your way to academic achievement.
RISE Center
The Resources for Inclusion, Support, and Empowerment (RISE) Center builds an equitable and inclusive campus community for all students through educational programs and advocacy. The RISE Center works alongside Student Programs to offer activities each quarter.
Center of Excellence in Veteran Student Success
The Veterans Center provides a multitude of support services to students that identify as active duty, veteran (all eras), dependents, and spouses of veterans. Our mission is to assist our students’ transition from military to civilian culture by connecting them to the local & campus community.
Managing Your Classes/Registration & Advising
LionsLink Powered by ctcLink is a self-service cloud-based software will provide a set of common, mobile-friendly tools for students and staff to manage college business online, such as enrolling for classes, managing courses, processing payroll, and other college business. LionsLink allows all enrolled students to
• Address a hold on your account
• Browse the course catalog (course descriptions)
• Change personal information
• Check official grades
• Confirm your program of study
• Create preferred email contact
• Download W2 tax forms
• Drop classes
• Enroll in payment plan
• Pay for classes
• Print your student schedule
• Report time worked, if you’re a student employee
• Review unofficial transcript
• Search and enroll for classes
• Swap classes
• View transfer credit
• View waitlist information
• View enrollment dates
• View course placement results

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