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2017 – 2018 LWTech Student Handbook
Technology Fee
The ASG, Student Body and Board of Trustees approved a technology fee for use by students to fund technology improvements. This fee is managed by the college and expended by students through annual proposals. For more information about this fee contact Student Programs.
Student Programs East Building, E128 (425) 739-8314
Student Programs houses several components of student life including: Associated Student Government, leadership development, student clubs, campus life activity planning and volunteering, equity and diversity activities, and engaging experiences for new students that are fun. Look for opportunities throughout the year. Student Programs also employs students to accomplish many of the events above. Look for job opportunities throughout the year. Lastly, Student Programs also acts as a resource for all students. Student Programs will: post for sale fliers, rent TI-80 and TI-84Plus calculators, help you volunteer at the college, schedule study spaces, fax financial aid paperwork, and answer various questions about the college.
Campus Life Activities
To fulfill their mission of planning activities to build a campus community, Student Programs sponsors a variety of student oriented activities throughout the year. Look for advertisements throughout the college. Different activities have been: music, poetry, speakers, leadership workshops, and wellness events. The Campus Life Activity team of student leaders plans and implements all events. To suggest an event visit East Building, E128.
Student Chartered Clubs
Student clubs are a great way to meet new friends or learn about an interesting topic with others. Any currently enrolled student may charter a club through Student Programs. Clubs offer leadership and learning opportunities by being involved with college business processes, community building, and student government. Clubs receiving quarterly funding and are eligible to fundraise. Club meetings are open to all students. For more information about joining or starting a club, contact Student Programs staff.
The commencement ceremony is a time when student academic achievement is celebrated. Student Programs staff manages all aspects of the ceremony including: registering for the event and assigning honor cords. Information about commencement is available online. High School Programs manages a High School graduation ceremony. Enrollment Services managed your application for degree or certificate and Student Programs manages the commencement ceremony.
Managing Your Classes/Registration & Advising
Enrollment Services West Building, W201 (425) 739-8104
Enrollment Services coordinates a variety of services for students to get them admitted and enrolled. Below, are descriptions of services offered.

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