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2017 – 2018 LWTech Student Handbook
Program Faculty as an Advisor
After students are enrolled in a technical program, the assigned faculty adviser will assist them with academic advising, quarterly registration and academic planning.
Transferring to Other Colleges
Students planning to transfer to another college or university should contact the other school regarding transfer student admission requirements. Many LWTech credit courses transfer to community and technical colleges or four-year universities, but exceptions do occur. For assistance with transferring to another college or university, contact academic advising services.
Academic Early Alert
The Student Development Office provides support to students who have received an Academic Early Alert. Academic alerts connect students to services and resources designed to foster academic success. The alert is not a discipline action or violation of the student code of conduct. After the fourth week of the quarter the college sends academic alerts. The alert is delivered via email or letter and informs students about class progress. It also includes helpful information about support services such as tutoring, counseling, and advising. Students served by special population programs such as High School Programs or TRiO may receive multiple alerts during the quarter.
Paying For College
Business Office
The Business Office serves the financial needs of the college and helps to support overall operations by providing financial services to students, faculty and staff. Students may pay various fees at the cashier's office.
Cashier (Paying Bills) West Building, W201F (425) 739-8403
When registering for courses you must pay class tuition and fees by the first day of the quarter. Students are encouraged to pay at the time of registration or to enroll in the college’s payment plan. If you enroll in a payment plan you must withdraw by the scheduled refund dates to receive the level of refund outlined in the college’s refund policy. Students who enroll after the first day of the quarter must pay tuition and fees at the time of registration. Students with a balance due for tuition and fees at the end of the 5th day of the quarter are subject to being dropped from classes. Unpaid balances may be subject to collections and you may be responsible for any collection and legal fees.
Student Accounts Office West Building, W207 (425) 739-8184
Contact the Student Accounts Office for information on tuition payments, third party funding, or the student payment plan. The Student Payment Plan allows students to pay tuition and fees on an installment plan. Payments are made in monthly installments for each academic quarter. If you are expecting financial aid or funding through a third party agency, do not sign up for the Student Payment Plan unless asked to do so by college personnel.
Policies for Refunds of Tuition and Fees
Refunds of tuition and fees are provided to students, under some particular situations. Please review the information below to familiarize yourself with the policies that impact receiving a refund upon withdrawing from classes or the college. Enrollment Services is the first stop to receive any assistance related to receiving tuition and fee refunds.

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