Page 21 - 2021-22 LWTech Student Handbook
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• SSSD provides academic support services for students with documented disabilities. Both projects provide the following FREE services:
• One-on-One Tutoring
• Academic Advising/Educational Planning
• Financial Education/Scholarship/FAFSA Application Assistance • Study Skills
• Transfer/Career Planning
• Graduation Assistance
• Copying, Printing, and Faxing
For more information, or to apply, complete the TRIO eligibility survey, email TRIO, or stop by T217 to speak with an advisor.
Campus Resources and Amenities
LWTech maintains a variety of resources and amenities for you to use throughout the day.
East Building, E151 (425) 739-8304
A variety of delicious pastries, pies, cakes, and breads may be purchased from our student-run bakery. The bakery opens around the third week of every quarter.
Avanti Marketplace
East Building, E149
The Avanti Marketplace provides 24 hour access to an excellent selection of fresh food meal options, snacks, and a variety of beverage choices.
Chef City Grill
East Building, E147 (425) 739-8310
Chef City Grill, LWTech’s award-winning restaurant, is operated by faculty and students of the Culinary Arts program. The seasonal menu features upscale cuisine offered at affordable prices. Actual dates of operation vary, so be sure to call for the most current information. Reservations are required for groups of six or more.
StopWatch Espresso
East Building, E180
StopWatch Espresso, and outside coffee company, is the college’s espresso company offering a wide variety of drinks and snacks.

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