Page 23 - 2021-22 LWTech Student Handbook
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• Transitional training & skill building Computer Lab
Technology Building, T215H (425) 739-8563
The LWTech Library Computer Lab is a designated Quiet Area of the Library and offers both Windows and Mac computers, internet, and specialty software that is not available on computers in other areas of the Library. The computer lab is located in the Library Learning Commons and gives students free access to computers outside of class. It is for all students and our community members. The following services are offered:
• PCs and MACs with up-to-date software used in most of the classrooms
• A quiet atmosphere
• Technical and computer help from staff
• The Lab has the same hours as the Library Learning Commons
Disability Support Services
West Building, W207 (425) 739-8300 Dss@LWTech.Edu
If you have a physical, psychological, medical or learning disability that may impact your course work, please contact Disability Support Services (DSS) Department. They coordinate reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. A reasonable accommodation also applies to all services, programs, events, and facilities of the college. All information and documentation is confidential. Receiving accommodations, services, and/or aids based on a disability is a three-step process:
• Self-identifying to the DSS Office.
• Providing typed documentation from a qualified professional to the DSS Office that
outlines the nature and extent of the disability.
• Requesting services through an intake interview with the DSS staff. Students must request accommodations through DSS Online Services quarterly. Once the request is made, DSS staff will email a letter of academic accommodations to instructors.
For additional information on appropriate medical documentation and the college’s non- discrimination policy, please visit the DSS webpage.

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