Page 23 - 2021-22 LWTech Student Handbook
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Auto Repair Shop
East Building, E139 (425) 739-8100
Repair services are available for students or general public vehicles and equipment, if they fit course curriculum and training needs. Students in the following programs, do the work as part of their hands-on practice. To have repair work considered, please contact the faculty at the following website pages:
• Automotive repair technician
• Auto body technician
• Diesel and heavy equipment technician
East Building, E128
(425) 739-8314
Fax services are available when you need to fax financial documents. Stop by Student Programs, they can assist you.
Fitness Center
East Building, E116
(425) 739-8319
You can take advantage of cardio and strength training in the fitness center through enrolling in the Fitness 100 (FTNS 100) course. Student personal trainers may be provided to assist clients in establishing, attaining and maintaining fitness goals, and are assigned on an as needed, first come, first serve basis as a part of this course.
Annual Plant Sales
Horticulture Complex (425) 739-8356
The environmental horticulture program offers a study arboretum with a broad selection of well- established landscape plants. Picnic tables are available for gathering with friends, studying, or a refreshing pause. Look for the fall and spring plant sales during October and late April/early May.
West/East/Allied Health Buildings (425) 739-8224
Lockers are available in some campus locations on a first-come, first-served basis. Students must provide their own lock and are responsible for the safety of the locker’s contents. In the event of an emergency or unusual situation, the college may conduct a search of any locker because lockers remain the property of the college. Lockers are emptied and cleaned routinely and advance notices are posted before lockers are cleaned. Any padlocks left attached to either the locker or the locker door will be cut and disposed of on the day of the cleanout. Any items

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