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2017 – 2018 LWTech Student Handbook
The Learning Lab East Building, E214 (425)739-8361
The Learning Lab is a drop-in tutoring center that supports students in their math, English, science, social science, pre-requisite, and select program classes. Our goal is to provide support to LWTech students as they work toward completing their programs. We strive to make college a rewarding and successful experience for every student who walks through our door.
The Learning Lab offers FREE drop-in tutoring to all LWTech students, including: • Tutoring by faculty, staff, and certified tutors
• Assistance in English, Math, Sciences, and more
• Computer Lab
• Small group study area
TRiO Projects
East Building, E214B (425)739-8361
The goal of TRiO is to provide services to students who are low-income, first-generation (neither parent nor guardian has a bachelor’s degree and neither does the student), or students with disabilities.
We, at TRiO encourage students to complete their degree or certificate and transfer to a four-year college if possible. The staff at TRiO strive to make college a rewarding and successful experience for our students.
LWTech has two federal TRiO grant projects:
Student Support Services (SSS)
• SSS provides academic support services for first-generation to college and/or low-income students. Support Services for Students with Disabilities (SSSD)
• SSSD provides academic support services for students with documented disabilities.
Both projects provide the following FREE services: • One-on-One Tutoring
• Academic Advising/Educational Planning
• Financial Education/Scholarship Application Assistance • Transfer/Career Planning
• Copying, Printing, and Faxing
Campus Resources and Amenities
LWTech maintains a variety of resources and amenities for you to use throughout the day.

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