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Supplemental Instruction Technology Building, T217 (425) 739-8427
The LWTech Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a free academic support program open to all LWTech students. The SI Study Center has student and faculty facilitators available to assist students with math and writing assignments for any class in any program. Student SI Facilitators also lead weekly study sessions for targeted high-impact academic core classes, and provide in-class support for students in introductory-level courses in technical programs.
SI Study Center
Student SI Leaders work alongside professors to provide support for high-impact core classes. SI Leaders provide in-class support for lower level classes and lead study sessions in the SI Study Center for specific courses. Courses supported include (but are not limited to):
• Math 87, Math 90, Math 98, Math 99x, Math 141 (pre-calculus), and Math 146 (statistics)
• English 99 and English 101
• MMDP 122 (Photoshop) & MMDP 124 (3D/Maya) in the MMDP SI Lab (Tech Building 1st floor)
• Computer Science courses in the Computer Science SI Lab (2nd floor of the Library – Learning Commons)
The Learning Lab
Technology Building, T217 (425)739-8361 Thelearninglab@LWTech.Edu
The Learning Lab is a FREE drop-in tutoring center that supports all LWTech students in their math, English, science, social science, pre-requisite, general education, and select program classes. The goal of The Learning Lab is to help students complete their programs by providing tutoring, current course textbooks, up-to-date technology, assistive technology, ADA accessibility, whiteboard tables, SMART Board, printing, a separate study room, and more. The Learning Lab strives to make college a rewarding and successful experience for every LWTech student. Students who use The Learning Lab describe it as: welcoming, respectful, supportive, student-directed, empowering, and collaborative.
TRIO Projects
Technology Building, T217 (425)739-8361 TRIO@LWTech.Edu
The goal of TRIO is to provide services to eligible students who are first-generation (neither parent nor guardian has a bachelor’s degree and neither does the student), and/or low-income, or students with disabilities. TRIO encourages students to complete their degree or certificate and transfer to a four-year college, or program if possible. The staff at TRIO strive to make college a rewarding and successful experience for our students. TRIO at LWTech provides more than academic support. TRIO provides a safe place for students to ask questions and find

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