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2017 – 2018 LWTech Student Handbook
Open Lounge Areas East Building, E128 (425) 739-8314
The college has designed numerous spaces available to all students for relaxing and gathering. These areas are specifically designed for student groups. Student Programs staff manages many of these areas, if there are problems with these areas please report any issues to E128.
Study Spaces
There are many study spaces either in the rooms or in various campus lounges. Take advantage of them today.
Student Programs East Building, E128 (425) 739-8314
The Associated Student Government has outlined a study space for a group of less than four people. Student Programs can help you reserve study spaces in the Student Programs Office.
Library Learning Commons Technology Building, T215 (425) 739-8320
Study rooms for small group study can also be reserved. Computers with internet access and printing capabilities are available to students for completing assignments and accessing online resources.
Safety & Emergency Procedures
Campus Public Safety East Building, E145 (425) 739-8224
Campus Public Safety offers a variety of services to students. More information about those services is described below. General safety information and immediate campus emergency response information can be found on the multi-colored emergency flipcharts located throughout the campus. In addition, specific program (classroom) safety information is available from any instructor. Whenever an accident occurs, please notify LWTech Campus Public Safety. Call 911 (cell phones) or 9-911 (on-campus phones) for all criminal or medical emergency responses; then notify Campus Public Safety of the emergency at x8224.
Building Evacuation/Lockdown Process
If an emergency on campus requires the evacuation of a building or buildings, notification to evacuate will be sent via fire alarm, the college-wide P.A. system, Alertus Mass Notification System, or through cell phone texts, e-mails, or phone calls via the college’s subscriber-based emergency notification system (E2-Campus) and the subscriber-based In all cases, evacuate calmly to the designated evacuation assembly area for your specific building. Evacuation routes and evacuation assembly areas are noted in each room. Remain at the location until given an “all clear” announcement from an authorized LWTech official. In the event of a building lockdown, the campus will be advised of the situation via the P.A. system, Alertus Mass Notification System, and E2-campus. Follow announced instructions and stay inside until an “all clear” announcement is given.

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