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in ashtrays provided for that purpose. Failure to comply with LWTech smoking regulations may result in a referral to the Student Conduct process.
Office of the Vice President of Student Services
West Building, W201 (425) 739-8100
College policies and procedures affect students whenever they are on campus, or if they are representing LWTech in any off campus instructional or non-instructional activities. Contact either the Vice President of Student Services or the Vice President of Instructional Services for additional information.
Academic & Enrollment
Academic Alert Process
Students affected by the policies stated in this section are encouraged to consult with their adviser, counselor, or members of the counseling staff to examine their objectives carefully before continuing enrollment. Students who are placed on academic notice 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be notified via preferred email as listed in LionsLink.
Academic Standards and Regulations
Academic standards include regulations regarding student behavior, discipline, standards of progress, and academic performance. The guidelines for academic standards and related procedures are developed, maintained, and implemented by the Vice President of Instructional Services, or designee.
Academic Dishonesty
LWTech regards acts of academic dishonesty, including such activities as plagiarism or cheating, as serious offenses. In the event that cheating, plagiarism, or other forms of academic dishonesty on the part of student is discovered, each incident will be handled on an individual basis as deemed appropriate. Care will be taken that students’ rights are not violated and that punitive measures are instituted only in cases where documentation or other evidence of the offenses meets the “preponderance of evidence” standard. A description of all such incidents shall be forwarded to the Vice President of Instruction where a file of such occurrences will be maintained. The Vice President of Instruction or designee may institute academic action against a student according to college policy and the Student Handbook.
Academic Standards of Progress
LWTech is a state supported public institution. Washington State law RCW 28B.10.695 requires colleges to adopt policies to help ensure students seeking degrees and certificates complete these programs in a timely manner and efficiently use state resources. LWTech expects its students to take their education seriously and plan for success. The college provides many types of assistance to students, including setting standards for academic success and appropriate interventions to assist students in their academic progress.
   The Financial Aid Office maintains additional policies related to Standards of Academic
 Progress as related to the provision of federal and state financial aid. These policies are
 separate from what is described below and can be found at

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