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event of an emergency or unusual situation, the college may conduct a search of any locker because lockers remain the property of the college. Lockers are emptied and cleaned routinely, and advance notices are posted before lockers are cleaned. Any padlocks left attached to either the locker or the locker door will be cut and disposed of on the day of the cleanout. Any items not cleared before cleaning will be treated as lost and found items and taken to the Campus Public Safety Office, East Building, E145.
Posting Advertisements
East Building, E128
(425) 739-8314
Student Programs posts fliers from students for the following items: rooms for rent, textbooks for sale, and other approved advertisements. To submit a flier for posting, bring it to E128.
Printers and Copy Machines
Library-Learning Commons & Allied Health Building 2nd floor
For a fee, printer and copy machines are available for use for students. If you have issues with the copiers, please visit the reference desk (Library-Learning Commons) or Student Programs (Allied Health Building).
Student ID Cards
West Building, W201 (425) 739-8104
The Enrollment Services Office provides student identification cards at no extra charge for currently enrolled students during posted hours. ID cards serve as your library card and your print card. If your card is lost, a $2 replacement fee is charged.
Parking & Transportation
For complete rules and policies associated with parking please visit Campus Safety and Security. Free general parking, only within marked, painted parking stalls, is available to all faculty, staff, and students. Rules have been established for student and visitor safety. Anyone involved in an on-campus vehicle accident resulting in injury or damage exceeding $500 must immediately report the accident to Campus Safety and Security.
Parking Vehicles on Campus
East Building, E145 (425) 739-8224
Parking in any other place not specifically designated by painted stalls or signed as a motor vehicle parking space is prohibited. State motor vehicle regulations also apply. Contact Campus Public Safety if temporarily disabled or inoperative vehicles must be left on campus. After 72 hours vehicles may be impounded at the owner’s expense. Citations may be issued for violating parking regulations. Vehicles that violate parking and traffic regulations may be cited and/or towed and impounded under WAC 495D-116-170 (at the owner’s expense). The speed limit on the LWTech campus is 10 miles per hour. Kirkland police may issue citations for violations of traffic law and parking infractions as they apply throughout the City of Kirkland. Other information about parking is as follows:
• Bicycle Parking

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